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Spain’s Best cities to visit

Spain is known for its art and architecture. It’s filled with palaces and museums that every tourist must visit. It is also known for its iconic attractions, culture, food and its rich history. From the remarkable Plaza De Espana in Seville to the party capital Ibiza each and every city is distinctive. Regardless of what you have read about this Spanish country you will be blissfully surprised on your memorable vacay, here. I know it can be daunting on your first trip to Spain but with my list of cities to explore your trip planning could be easy breezy. So here is a list of the best cities in Spain to visit.

Barcelona – Barcelona is known for its art and architecture. There are many places to see in here, and each has its own highlight and tale to tell. You can easily spend a few good days here without getting bored. Try some delicious Paella or crunchy Churros and if that’s not enough do catch the famous Flamenco show. Barcelona in no way would ever disappoint you and if you do start feeling a little lost a walk down the iconic La Rambla street will make you fill with joy.

Madrid – Madrid is prestigious for its rich vaults of European workmanship and even though this city is flooded with tourists it still adds up to the charm and the vibe of this city. Be it for shopping, art, heritage, or palaces, and parks, you don’t want to miss out much while here. Being the capital of Spain its best to keep a few days in hand as this city is surely overwhelming and has a long list of things of activities to do and experience.

Seville – Seville is the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia district. It will enchant you with its heritage, and landmarks which deserve a visit. People usually talk about Barcelona and Madrid and the glorifying history of Seville which is usually forgotten but there are tons of things to see and it also makes a great base if you like to travel to different Spanish cities like Cordoba, Malaga or Marbella. Don’t miss out the famous Alcazar which not only makes for one great attraction but also enlightens us with the vast association it has with the Muslim dynasty.

Malaga – It is a port city in Spain and is known for its skyscraper lodgings and resorts sticking up from yellow-sand shorelines. You will find some of the best beaches here and is super convenient to travel to Marbella too which is similar to Malaga. I manage to visit this beautiful city even during Christmas where its main streets are shimmering with sparkly lights and they even have great entertainment to watch out for. If you want to have a few days just by the beach or pool this is the place to be apart from the coastal lifestyle Malaga has a Moorish castle, Roman theatre, and ruins which will baffle you with its history.

Ibiza – This city is famous for the vivacious nightlife in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni, where significant European clubs have summer stations. Well, even for families with kids there is a lot to do, you can either head to a retreat, or their UNESCO World heritage sites. This island won’t disappoint you especially if you are looking to escape from their usual worldly routines, it has amazing beaches, spas, restaurants and exciting water sports which will excite many.

Without a doubt, there is a lot more cities to explore in Spain and even after a couple of visits I don’t think I am completely familiar with some of its cities but as much as I could research and with a strong travel background these places will surely do justice to your first trip to Spain

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