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Barcelona’s best attractions

Spain has so many places to see but two of the most popular cities here are Barcelona and Madrid, having been to both these cities I cannot help but compare how different each one is. Whereas I loved Barcelona a tad bit too much but my Asian friends adored Madrid due to its similar architecture to London. Regardless of this, I wish I stayed in both these beautiful cities a little longer. Even though I had four days in Barcelona I don’t think it was enough as each day I could come with 100 new things I wanted to do and see but being short on time I would highly recommend you the below attractions as without seeing these your trip to Spain is incomplete.

Le Rambla – This pedestrian street has so much to offer, from restaurants, hotels, museums, and shops you can easily spend a few hours wandering here. This street also leads to Plaza De Catalunya and Gothic Quarter, this place is generally crowded with people as it is one of the most famous landmarks in Barcelona. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit their food market which has some delicious things to offer, La Boqueria. Also just off La Rambla is the Royal Square where you can find some of Gaudi’s architecture which is splendid.

Sagrada Familia: The Sagrada Família is an incomplete Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona, planned by Catalan designer AntoniGaudí. It’s being constructed since the last 200 years and hopefully is coming close to completion, visitors can still take a tour inside the cathedral. Gaudi’s most fascinating work is this cathedral and he spends 12years working on this grand cathedral.

Park Güell: It is an open park framework made out of patio nurseries and architectonic components situated on Carmel Hill. Another work by Gaudi which depicts his passion and love for art, its one of the most visited parks in Barcelona. This place fascinates the tourists which is why there is an entrance fee as well. Don’t be alarmed by tourists trying to take an instagramabe picture at its famous stone benches, after all, you need to have a picture to prove it.

Casa Milà: It is a pioneer building in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was the last private living arrangement planned by architect Antoni Gaudí. This building is usually found on postcards or on magnets as its one of the iconic places in Barcelona. Gaudi’s work is phenomenally well displayed and tourists again flock this place. The odd curves of the buildings are something which draws attention to its unconventional outlook.

Picasso Museum: It houses a standout amongst the broadest artwork collections by the twentieth-century Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Art lovers would surely appreciate this space as it has a collection of impressive work from Picasso’s life. You can see through his work the admiration he had with the city. Being a legend of his time a visit to this museum will enlighten you a lot about art and the artists work.

Palace of Catalan Music – One of my favourite concert halls in Spain due to the fact that it hosts some of the best shows here and also its architecture is simply stunning. The colourful building is not only good to look at but it is functional as well, you can pay to visit it with a group or alone but please don’t miss out on this opportunity. It can seat more than 200 people and is an impressive place to see.

Barcelona attracts a number of tourists and no doubt that it has been listed as one of the most visited cities too. If it’s your first time here these are the top rated attractions which you should add in your bucket list. For me, another visit is happening soon especially as I felt so nostalgic writing this article.


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