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Must see places in Syros

Many islands fall under the Cyclades, and one of those is Syros. Not many of you must have heard about this island but sooner or later it is bound to get hounded by tourists, it is such an underrated gem and deserves all the attention as it might be tiny but has all the characteristics of a perfect Greek holiday island. This island is to say the least is, picturesque and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Tourists who are here on the island only for a short amount of time can even take a local bus from Ermoupolis which departs every hour and it goes around the entire island.

Stroll around Ermoupolis – The majority of the things are clustered around the main square making it very easy to access. Start your exploration from the town hall which is one of the main features here, it is located in Miaouli square and it is one of the largest in Europe. Along the way, you can also see the Apollon Theatre, an archaeological museum of Syros, the beautiful orthodox church of St.Nicholas and St George’s Cathedral.

If you do have time for lunch I would highly suggest the Vaporia Quarter, it’s lined with restaurants and cafes and the view can’t get any better than this. There are lovely neoclassical mansions here too.

Saint Agios Stefanos Church – Perched in a hill is this one of a kind chapel that has a very unique story attached to it, it was built by a fisherman who prayed to the Saint to help him from a massive Octopus. You can visit the chapel by boat or on foot.

Beaches – If you come to Greece and do not visit a beach, is it even considered a holiday? There are plenty of pleasant beaches in and around Syros but some of the most acclaimed ones are Megas Gialos, sandy beach of Azolimnos, Achladi beach which is super romantic, and Galissas beach.

Trip to archaeological sites – Syros, definitely has a lot of history and if you like to explore the island why not stop around and see some of the important sites too. From the main square, it takes around 13min by car to get to Pherecydes Cave which was once used by the philanthropist Pherecydes, it’s a small cave but the view is great from here, after the caves you can drive to another archaeological site called Kastri which is just a few min away from the caves. This fortified site dates back to more than 5,000 years! Later on, you can even check out the excavation site of Chalandriani or make your way to the nearby beach of Ghilsoura.

Pherecydes Cave

Well, there are many intriguing sites like this, and if you do have time you can even make your way to Gria Cave, Cave Mandoni or Ano Meria which is a natural park.

These are just a few of the places I have suggested, but if you like to venture to some of Syros villages then you can make your way to Ano Syros which is also the oldest village here, Galissas which is quite popular among tourists and lastly Kini which is a tiny seaside village.

Ano Syros

How to get to Syros:-
The island is connected well connected with ferries from Athens along with a few more islands, getting here shouldn’t be a task. It takes around 2hrs to reach from Athens. There is also a direct flight to the island from Athens.

Island hopping from Syros:-
Yes, this island is not only easily accessible but makes your island hopping dream a reality too, you can go to many islands such as Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini, and more!

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