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Must see places in Lefkada

There are very few islands in Greece which are connected with the mainland, it doesn’t just make it easy to travel but also makes the holiday less complicated. This island which is part of the Ionian sea has something for everyone, it is serene, appealing and authentically raw.

Lefkada town – Stroll around the harbour, inhale the lovely atmosphere of this island and don’t forget to try some authentic Greek food around here. If you want to see some important sites then visit the Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni or the Archeological Museum of Lefkada. A five-minute car ride or a 20min walk can even get you to view the incredible castle of Agia Mavra followed by the lighthouse which is a stone throw away. In the evenings you can even head to the lit-up Mela Street, covered with arcades it is adorable.

Beaches of Lefkada – I have lost count of times I have seen the pictures of Lefkada’s beaches used for the promotion of Greece in general, this just gives you the idea of how charming are the beaches here. In general, the most popular one is Porto Katsiki because of the cliff backdrop and the wonderful view from here, and just a few miles away from there is another famous beach called Egremni Beach, the colour of the water is perfect and will tempt you to come back. Another famed beach is Agiofilli beach, its remote location makes it even more desirable and lastly the Kavalikefta Beach, it’s perfect for relaxation and has very shallow waters.

Egremni Beach

Cape Lefkada – Now if you want to drive slightly over an hour away from the main centre then this is a great choice, the view is phenomenal from here and you can also see the pretty lighthouse which is perched on a hill.

Visit the different towns of Lefkada – Around 25,000 people are living on this island so you can imagine the many little towns and villages scattered around Lefkada. If I had the time I would like to visit each and every town here but the few which caught my attention is Sivota, walk around the little harbour, or take a boat ride from here or just indulge in a rich greek meal here. Another bewitching village is Vassiliki, it’s a tiny one but ‘oh so pretty, you can take a tour to a few nearby islands from here, or take a windsurfing lesson. They even have a beach here called Paralia Vasiliki, and the area is lined with boutique hotels. Lastly, the town of Nidri which has the famous waterfall called Dimosari, many people go to this town especially to see this, since you are here why not check out the Nidri beach and the town, it is delightful.


Lefkada is quite vast, and I would recommend you spend at least 2-3 days here, apart from the popular places mentioned above some more interesting points for you to consider could be the Church of Santa Mavra, the museum of Lefkadian Embroidery, and the beach of Mikros Gialos.

Mikros Gialos Beach

How to get to Lefkada:-
If you plan on driving from Athens it should take around 5hours to get here but the easy option would be a flight. Apart from that, there are multiple ferry connections too.

Where to stay:-
With the growing population of Lefkada, there are hotels scattered all around the island and you can find one which suits your budget and style pretty easily.

Day trips from Lefkada:-
Many of the excursions take place from the port of Nidri, and people generally like to visit multiple islands in one day, I feel that is the best way to see many islands in one day. Some of the islands include Kalamos, Meganisi, Sparti, Skorpios, Skorpidi, Ithaca, Madouri, and Kefalonia.

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