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Four Best things to explore in Antiparos

Antiparos is such an underrated gem, situated next to some pretty popular islands it doesn’t get the attention it needs too but after one visit to Antiparos you realise how ideal it is, this island has that aura and character which will make this island a perfect getaway!

Even if you are here for a day trip, it is quite a good idea as just a few hours at this piece of paradise is just enough to experience the charm of Antiparos.

Explore the town of Chora village – Visit the alluring town and the capital of Antiparos, start your day at the Venetian castle which was built around 1440. Later on, even check out the three Venetian influenced churches too, and of course, how can you miss out on the lovely food out here! There is also a historical & Folklore Museum of Antiparos, along with a Cycladic Art museum if you are into history and culture.

Cave of Antiparos – Just 9km away from the main town is this fantastic cave, it is one of the most visited places on the island. It has gorgeous formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and just outside the cave, there is also a Church of Agios Ioannis Spiliotis which you can pay a visit to.

Beaches – Just like any other Greek island, Antiparos is not shy of showing off some of its fabulous beaches, some of the most popular ones are Glifa which is also quite busy, the other famous ones are Panagia Beach, Psaralyki Beach, and Soros beach.

Trip to Despotiko – If you idealise a laidback holiday while chilling on an island, then you can take a trip down here, it’s pretty easy to reach from Agios Giorgos which is a small town of Antiparos. This island has quite an intriguing past, it used to be inhabited until the people were killed by pirates. While you take a ferry to this isle, also watch out for the caves in the sea, I am sure your captain will point it out to you.


If you are short on time I would suggest at least a day trip to Antiparos and it is effortless to reach here from Paros in about 10min. From Athens you have to take a ferry to Paros, as there are no direct connections to this island.

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