If you are even slightly familiar with Greece island’s then you must have heard about Ios, it is a Cyclades island nestled between Santorini and Naxos. It had captivated my attention when I was looking for day trips from one of the nearby islands and I feel it deserves so much more attention as it has an array of things to offer.

Old Town of Chora – Be dazzled by the whitewashed houses, and stop by at the Agia Irini Church which was built in the 17th century. There are many shops, restaurants and cafes too if you fancy eating or shopping around. For history lovers, you can even make it a point to visit the Archaeological Museum or the Modern Art Museum. Another attraction here is the Odysseas Elytis Theatre which was built in 1997 and is used to date. If you fancy seeing the windmills of Chora then at the top of the mountain there are around 12 windmills to gaze at. Ios, also has a lot of churches, some say there are about 365 churches but I am not sure how true that is, but you can see some of the popular ones like Panayia Gremiotissa Church and Evangelisimos Cathedral.

Beaches – There are so many beaches on this island that you will be spoiled for choices, but some of the highly recommended ones are Mylopotas Beach which is also close to the famous Far Out Beach Club. Kolitsani beach is also not too further out from the main town but if you truly want to enjoy many beaches of Ios then hop on a ferry and take a day tour to some fantastic beaches as they are only accessible by boat.

Mylopotas Beach

Archaeological sites – Just like any other Greek island Ios as well has so many majestic archaeological sites which will transport you back in time, starting with the famous Skarkos which is a Bronze Age settlement site. A lesser-known site is of the Venetian Castle but is now it’s just ruined, followed by the Tomb of Homer which was a famous poet.

Tomb of Homer

Hiking – If you are into fitness then the lands of Ios are perfect for a hiking trip, there are around 10-12 marked trails and while you are at it you will be rewarded with some beautiful views of Ios and nearby islands.

Since Ios doesn’t yet have an airport, you have to rely on ferry schedules to visit this attractive piece of land. You can take a ferry either from Athens or from the nearby island of Santorini, I have also seen many more islands offering Ios as a day trip option so if you are willing to tick mark this island from your bucket list, get going!

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