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Two Best Days in Milos

With the growing popularity of Milos, I feel it will soon be the next Mykonos, just in the last few years alone there have been several luxury resorts that have shown interest in this piece of land. People usually go to Milos to run away from the crowds but recently it is getting busy like any other popular island of Greece.

Beach – You are probably here because you must have heard about the 40 plus beaches around Milos, and each one has its dynamic personality. Whether you are here for relaxation, water sports or just to enjoy the sunset there is one thing sure about Milos beaches, it won’t disappoint you! My most favourite beach here is the Sarakiniko and I do remember pictures of this beach went viral when a blogger shared it. Another pretty one is Firiplaka Beach, you will be surrounded by mountains and crystal clear water and what else do you need to unwind? If you want to experience something more unique then check out the fishing village of Firopotamos and its beach, this place is the epitome of all the good things Greece is known for.


Visit Klima – This is one of the most visited villages of Milos, it has the charm that just sucks you in and you are left spellbound. The houses here are extremely picturesque and are carved into the rocks and the sunset from here is nothing less than magical.

Boat trips – If you are in search of the famous caves of Milos then head to Kleftiko, and the only way to reach here is by boat and did you know back in the day’s Pirates used to hide in these caves too, also many people go here for diving too. Another fascinating place to visit and which can only be accessed by a boat is the Sykia, the sea cave here is extremely dramatic and has to be on the list of places to see.

Plaka – This is the main town of Milos and I would highly suggest you aimlessly wander around here as it’s hauntingly pretty, you come across some shops, cafés and restaurants. If you are interested in history then check out the folklore and sand museum, archaeological museum or the Venetian castle ruins from WWII, nevertheless, the view from here is alluring. If you are into churches then visit the petite chapel of Panagia Thalassitra.

Visit the Geological site – You do know that Milos is a volcanos island and there is no doubt that there are many caves and rock formations due to it. So to know more about the fertile soil and the topography of Milos why don’t you take part in a guided tour which starts from the Pallonia village. It’s quite interesting to see the Mining Museum, the sulphur mines, the Firiplaka crater and lastly the salt pans.

Pallonia Village

Archaeological sites – Well, Milos has many of such sites but the one which catches everyone’s attention is the Catacombs of Milos, they are quite fascinating and were built somewhere around 1st century AD, I wouldn’t lie but it did feel quite weird to be in these especially as they were even used as tombs by the Romans. While you are here visit the ancient theatre of Tripiti which was built by the Romans, and at times it is still used occasionally. Lastly, there are even Adamas WWII bomb shelters, it is an interesting place to see if even if you have a slight interest in history.

Catacombs of Milos

While I wish I had more time to explore Milos, but unlike me, if you do have more leisure days here you can visit some more sites like the wild Tsigrado Beach, Paliorema which has a compelling history due to its mining background, and the village of Pollonia.

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