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Day trip to Symi

So while I was staying in Rhodes, I came across some tour companies who were pushing for a day trip to Symi, before that, unfortunately, I hadn’t heard about this island which I feel terrible about. Symi hasn’t got that media attention yet but I am sure it will soon be a thriving tourist destination in the next few years. If you are looking for a day trip adventure too, I would highly suggest this tiny island, which is closer to Turkey than Greece, and of course, its annual music festival attracts a lot of people too.

This island is perfect for a day trip, the food here is marvellous, the people are ever so friendly and of course, this town is super appealing.

Some of the things you need to see on this island are:-

Town of Symi – As soon as your ferry enters the water of Symi, you will be mesmerised by its charming houses, I wouldn’t lie when I say I thought I was in Lake Como for a while. The buildings here are as colourful as they can get, the lower part of the town is called Gialos and it is lined with shops, restaurants and cafes. As you move up the hill it becomes Chorio, where you will find an archaeological museum and at top of the hill you witness a castle along with a Panagia Church too and the view from here is magical.

Beaches of Symi – Either you can walk around the harbour or take a dip in one of their pleasing beaches. The water is as clear as it can get and it’s a superb way to relax, you can visit the famous Nos Beach, Pedi Beach, Agia Marina or the Nimboria Beach.

Nimporia Beach

Panormitis Monastery – Build around the late 18th century this monastery is one of the most visited attractions of the island. Did you know you can even stay here, yes you heard it right some of the monks rent the unused spaces for a nominal fee, isn’t that a unique way to experience the history and culture of this island?

Visit Pedi – If you are on a day trip you should take time to explore the main town and visit the captivating village of Pedi as it just a 16min drive away from the main town. They even have a beach here called Saint Nicholas Beach. The coast here is lined with boutique hotels and indeed it’s a small town but with a distinctive personality. Many people even hire boats from here and go to explore the nearby coves.

Saint Nicholas Beach

How to get to Symi:-
From the main harbour of Rhodes, there are multiple tour companies offering a tour to this island, so it’s quite easy to get here.

Where to Stay:-
The island is small but there are still numerous boutique and luxury hotels which you can find, depending on your budget.

Where to Eat:-
You do not have to worry about that, as this town has lovely tavernas, and restaurants serving international and authentic Greek food.

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