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Must see places in Kos

Another one of the Dodecanese islands which are very close to Turkey than Greece itself. Many of these islands even provide day trips to Turkey, isn’t that great? Did you know Kos is one of the three largest islands and it is abundantly rich in culture, history and beaches?

Town of Kos – Start by exploring the famous Eleftherias Square, which has multiple shops, restaurants and cafes. There is even a mosque called Gazi Hassan overlooking the square, apart from that you can even visit the Archeological museum, the popular Nerantzia Castle, St.Paraskevi Orthodox church and the ancient Agora. Another well-known place here is the Casa Romana which is a restored ancient villa known for mosaics, artwork and sculptures.

The centre alone has a lot to do and you can easily spend a day or a few hours, a few more interesting sites here would be the Ancient Temple of Dionysus, the famed Roman Odeon and the Ancient Hellenistic Gymnasium. Fun fact, Kos is called the ‘Island of Hippocrates’ as the Greek physician was from this town. There is even a tree here where he would sit beneath and preach to his students, there is even an archaeological site called Asklepeion build to honour him. You can even visit the Hippocrates Garden and Cultural Centre to learn more but it is half an hour away from Kos.

Hippocrates Garden

Beaches of Kos – You do know that Greece has some of the most attractive beaches and Kos is no less, some of the ones which you need to visit here are the Mastichari Beach which is just 20km away from the main town, next is Tigaki Beach as it’s ideal for families, followed by Lambi beach which is just a few steps away from the main town and lastly Psalidi beach which is lined with lovely restaurants too.

Lambi Beach

Visit Kefalos – Probably an hour away from Kos, is this pleasing village of Kefalos and it has to be on your bucket list as just like Kos it has amble of things to see and do. Start by visiting the Agios Stefanos Beach, followed by Ruins Basilica of Agios Stefanos. If you are after the stunning view then there is a viewpoint too, but it’s a bit of a hike if you plan on walking. If you are into history then you can even make a stop at the Roman Odeon (Theatre) but be warned the entrance is quite a nightmare to find.


Boat trip to Kalymnos – If you have already seen the majority of the places in Kos then why not visit its neighbouring island of Kalymnos, it’s very among people who love to hike. On this island, you can see the Sponge Factory, visit the Sea World Museum, see the Agios Savvas Monastery, explore the Chryssocheira Castle and lastly eat a local greek real facing the Pothia harbour.

Even though Kos has an abundance of places to see, these are some of the highly visited ones but if you have time unlike me you can even check out the Castle of Antimachia, the village of Zia for a beautiful sunset views, and the colourful Lido water park.


How to get to Kos:
It has an airport and many flights land here including a direct flight from Athens which takes about an hour. It also has a pretty good ferry system if you are coming by from one of the nearby islands.

Where to stay:
To be honest this shouldn’t be a problem, as Kos town has many lovely accommodations AirBnBs and hotels. Apart from the main town, there are plenty of spaces and villas available all around the island.

Day trips from Kos:-
If you are looking for day trip options there are plenty but the most popular ones are:-
Day Trip to Nisyros island, Plati, Pserimos, and Kalymnos.

Activities to do at Kos:-
You will be spoiled for choices here as they have so many things to offer like a Jeep Safari of Kos town, scuba diving, windsurfing, hiking, and jet skiing.

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