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Five Unique Places for Couples to Eat and Drink

Fingers intertwined, lazing around on the couch and binge-watching that favourite movie that you both picked together is an idea of pure bliss. Things always seem to find their way to perk up when done together. Now, you keep searching that little sacred place of your own where you can pamper and snuggle together.

Now that you have traced your way to the article, it is pretty much evident that another one has tasted the dust. So buckle up for some handpicked unique destination that you can choose for the perfect getaway from real city lives. 

Sugarloaf Mountains, Rio de Janeiro – Resembling the traditional shape of refined sugar, this beautiful mountain resembles paradise on earth with its crystal clear water and panoramic view. The summit of the mountain top is a magnificent beauty. The entire city of Rio seems to unfurl itself in all glory within your arms. The place offers cable cars, hiking, and climbing as the means to reach the zenith. Astounding sunsets jazzes up your trip. Cosy little beach, known as, Praia Vermelha, provides you with ample opportunities for water sports such as paddle boarding and canoeing. It can be a beautiful place to sit back and relax after the whole day adventure. 

The Carrabassett Valley has restaurants with a romantic ambience with some fantastic local cuisine. One way to immerse yourself in the divine beauty of Brazil and its snug beaches is by trying your hands on to special salad at Boteco Belmonte restaurant. Its palate satisfying taste would help you forget all your worries.

Pluk de Nacht, Amsterdam – This enthralling Open Air Film Festival based in Amsterdam, known for giving that special nudge to independent arthouse cinema movie buffs and art lovers. People frolicked in groups or otherwise for this festival. Regarded as one of the best known open-air film festivals in the Netherlands, Pluk de Nacht combines the temperate beauty of the waterside location, documentaries, and its exquisite bar and food trucks provide you with the wholesome package of cosiness and exhilaration. 

You can hop to this place in public transport, or you can opt for the fantastic Husqvarna Motorcycles. This Swedish company provides one of the best off-road bike experience with a variety of choices which will be your sweet indulgence soon. Entry to the festival is generally free with a picturesque location. They provide blankets and super, comfortable beach chairs. 

Neemrana Fort Palace, India – If grandeur and architectural designs are your guiding force, then it could not be better than this. Gracing all-majestic view, on Delhi-Jaipur highway, stands this 15th-century fort, looked after by Neemrana Hotels, as a perfect getaway to unwind. The Rajputana traditions seem to come alive in this palace hotel. It has several wings like Rani Mahal, Gulab Mahal and many more, a reflection of the lifestyle of the Rajputana king and queens. The main structure keeps the glory and grandiosity intact. Their sumptuous buffet wins for its local cuisine.     

Try to plan this visit when the Weather Lords are in your favour, preferably in winters. If you happen to visit their unique Raj Mahal Restaurant for some drinks, make sure you ask for Long Island Iced Tea. You will know why I suggested that. The added beauty for the aesthetics are the big swings facing the balcony. Quiet, calm and calling you to tangle your fingers. Take a stroll and leave your stress.        

Bora-Bora Island – If clear water and the soft breeze flowing through your hairs is your idea of a favourite destination, this group of islets needs your attention. Known for its destination wedding and super photogenic angles, this group of islets is famous for its proposal goals and ultra-hip culture. Situated in the western part of Polynesia, this island stands solely for its tourist footfall. Since it is an aqua-centric destination, the island sees footfall majorly from young couples or groups enthusiast for adventure.

The place is famous for its lagoon tours, scuba diving, and sunset cruise. It is renowned for the celebrity footfall and hence justifies the number of tourists that it oversees. Tahitian flowers and its nightlife are worth a chance. Also, if you plan on popping The Question, this island will spoil you with several options that it offers.

You can experience a fancy dinner, by the lagoon or you can have dinner with you’re precious on beaches, St Regis and Four Seasons.

Machu Pichhu, Peru – One of the Seven Wonders of the World, this site attracts researchers and tourists from all over the world for its amazing architecture. Huddled high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, these majestic ruins are a beautiful reminder of the mysteries and subtlety of the 15th century Inca Empire. 

The remnants of this old society that flourished in all its glory and magnificence stand to tell the history of its time. The refined dry stone walls and huge structure built without any use of mortar is a marvel that attracts researchers from around. Stretching over 13km, it is easy to lose yourself in the antiquity of the place. The spectacular sunrise from the Sun Gate (Inti Punku) should be something to look for. 

If adventure is your thing, you can start by climbing Huayna Picchu. View from the top is worth the trek. The Watchman’s Hut is a cozy little place and is seen as a photographer’s paradise. Pack snacks for yourself as you plan the day. Your hotel at Cusco or Sacred Valley can be your options.

Now that we have handcrafted your next destination holiday, go plan it and surprise your precious. Although we should warn you for all the incoming hugs and adoration that might come your way when you go and plan these. 

So plan your tickets, mix-match these destinations and snuggle back because, in the end, it is the question of who you have spent your day with.  

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