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Wok n Stroll – Singapore’s little hidden gems

Singapore is filled with different nationalities, cultures and food lovers who come from around the world to savor the unique and tantalizing food this country has to offer.

And just like many of us, even I am obsessed with trying various local, traditional and classical food dishes and what better place than Singapore to do this!. Now that you know my love for food, I organized a ‘Wok n Stroll‘ tour for myself which takes groups of people around Michelin Star Restaurants, Best Hawker Stalls or even does a mix of these twos depending on your need.

Having a big group does have it advantages especially if you are a food lover, you can try bits and pieces from everyone’s plate. Today, we decided on a Hawker Stall and Wet Market exploration tour which starts at the famous ‘Tekka Market.’ Filled with an abundance of hawker stalls, serving food from different countries the people here know how to bewilder you with the authenticity and the freshness of the ingredients will surprise you as much as it did to me.

If you are around Tekka Market don’t miss on these:-

Siti Rodiah for a taste of Malaysia’s national dish ‘Nasi Padang.’ Even many expensive restaurants cannot come close to the flavors and textures which this little gem can replicate.

Bunnis Tiffin Corner is known for serving some crisp South Indian Dosas with a side of tangy chutneys and sambhar. The fragrant Aloo stuffing in the Dosa reminded me of my Mom’s cooking; I am sure she would have relished on a few if she was around.

Don’t skip their Mendu Wada, as these are super light, fulfilling and satisfying.

Appam Specialist, the name says it all. Try their sweet and savory version of delectable Appam.

Allauddin’s Biryani PTE Ltd – Looks like this city is influenced a lot by the Indian cuisine, you will be surprised to see many exquisite hotels and restaurants having ‘Roti Paratha‘ on their menu. And at Allaudin’s Biryani stall apart from their luscious Biryani try the fabulous Egg Paratha or if you want to be more adventurous go for the Murtabak Mutton, fulfilling and, soul-satisfying dish.

Teh Haliah (tea) A.S. Sarabat Stall – After all this food in the Tekka Junction head to Sarabat Stall for a cup of a refreshing Ginger Tea, hope you don’t replace this with your morning beverage, just a warning.

Khawja Hindal Wali Cafeteria, This stall serves a Chendol drink which has a hint of palm sugar, coconut milk, and tapioca jelly. If only it were available that easily, I would choose this over any soft drink, Promise!.

•Could my wok and stall journey end without trying the famous Michelin Star Chan’s secret recipe of Soy Sauce Chicken and Rice Noodle from Hawker Chan? You could be queuing for more than two hours just to get your hands on this fantastic dish but if are a part of this tour they make sure you get to try this special dish without the hassle of queuing up.

•Lastly, after all the rounds of various stalls, we ended our culinary feast at Spago which is at the glorious Marina Bay Sand’s Hotel. The view from here is breathtaking, and while you sip on your mocktail take the time to glance over the wondrous sight of the beautiful Singapore city.


Wok n Stroll tour pricing – $150 and it the package can be customized depending on your preference.
This trip was sponsored by #YourSingaporeArabia (Tourism Board in Uae), but my opinions remain unbias regardless of the fact. For more information visit – YouSingaporeArabia (Instagram) or their Facebook page.

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