Experiencing the German hospitality at Steigenberger Hotel, Business Bay

Apart from having a great location an excellent hotel also needs to have some other characteristics as well, to make it a top choice for its customers. For me, those definables would be service, design, its rating and most importantly the feedback about the place from its most recent users. With that being said I was at the german brand of Steigenberger Hotels in Dubai’s Business Bay district. This hotel is barely a few months old, but the history of this brand dates back to 1930.

Unsurprisingly even thought this place is a bit hidden away on the outskirts of Business Bay, it was still buzzing with activities especially with people who were here to appreciate the Friday brunch at their restaurant Brothaus Bakery. However with a mere modern outlook and a view of the Dubai canal you cannot deny that this place has all the quietness while still being in the center of Dubai.

Keeping up with Dubai’s tradition the lobby of this hotel is grand and glittering with the decor. Today, I was here checking in, in one of their Superior rooms which has all the comforts, amenities and the luxuries which you will require during your stay. From a work desk, a little armchair, minibar filled with goodies and interestingly also a dressing table which helped me to get ready at ease without the hassle of standing in the bathroom, while I did my makeup.

Eating is a big part of my daily lifestyle but so is working out and having a gym, in that case, is a blessing in disguise. Later that night I found myself not only amused but also amazed at their happening restaurant cum terrace garden called ‘The Backyard.’ The food isn’t the best, but the vibe, atmosphere and the ambiance are what I would go back for. Surprisingly, this isn’t the only Lounge they have; Bayside is another chic place to spend the evening.

Even though my stay here wasn’t for a longer duration, I do wish to come back or wouldn’t mind staying at this Deutsche hospitality brand abroad as well.

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