Dubai Food Festival’s month long entertainment

Dubai always finds the best way to entertain you, be it either with concerts, events or food. But this time it is the arrival of Dubai Food Festival which has filled up my calendar with highly anticipated culinary events. Starting from 23rd February until the 11th March you can take full advantage of all the super deals, discounts and most importantly of all the culinary wonders which get better with the entrance of Dubai Food Festival

  • Even though this is a month long event, there are few things which shouldn’t be missed like a mandatory visit to the Eat The World DXB. Here you can try different dishes from around the continent just under one roof and this time the Singapore food trucks have braced up as well to give a tuff competition to the popular chains from the UK. Don’t forget to splurge on some Nitrogen Ice Creams, Laksa Curries, or the gold garnished Burg Burger, whichever suits your appetite!

    Must Try – Laksa Curry from the Singapore food trucks (Chef Shen Tan), and Sheikha Fries from the UK food truck (Crabbieshack)

  • Etisalat Beach Canteen is also another way to take your little ones in this pleasant climate to the Beach where they can have fun whereas you too can indulge in some of Dubai’s bestselling dishes. With the splendid beach in the background settle in for some Karak Chai, Waffles or some Indian chaats which shall tickle your taste buds. Apart from this, you can even catch some celebrity chefs cooking up a storm or view a fun movie at the beach cinema

    Must Try – Karak Chai, and Tacos.

  • If you wish to try Dubai’s elite restaurants at an affordable price this time Dubai Food Festival has collaborated with Miele Restaurant Week where a three-course meal at a fine dining restaurant wouldn’t cost you more then 199dhs. This also includes meals at Michelin Star Chef Restaurants and some highly commendable eateries.

    Must Try – Rang Mahal and Bread, Street, Kitchen, and Bar.

  • In its 10th-year Taste Of Dubai would be packed with entertainment, live cooking demonstrations and most importantly food for the soul. Even though Taste Of Dubai marks the end of the month-long event, it still stays in people’s heart and many like me eagerly await for this special three-day event for a whole long year.

This is not all, you can also find some exciting discounts all around Dubai, be it the malls or any of the bustling areas of the city. So make sure to have fun while the Dubai Food Festival is still here.

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