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Activities and Attractions in Geneva

Geneva is not only an important city in Switzerland but it also serves as the headquarters to many multinational companies including United Nations. Bordering France you can see the vivid cultures of both Swiss and France brimming in Geneva. There are plenty of things to do around the city, and it’s more than just a business hub.

Lake Geneva – The highlight of Geneva is this Lake and taking a cruise here is just the right way to see this city and it’s surrounding towns like Lausanne, and Montreux. Jet D’eau is also one of the attractions on the lake, it’s a huge fountain and has become the symbol of the city.

Jardin Botanique – A impressive botanical garden which has over 16,000 varieties of flora to admire and learn about. The garden has 13 different sections, and my favourite is the Historic Rose Garden and the Winter Garden. You can even plan for a picnic around here, apart from this there a few docile animals around too, my favourite part of the garden is the peacocks. The botanical garden even has a restaurant, in case you want to take it easy and enjoy a delicious meal.

Old Town – Stroll around the old town to make yourself familiar with the cities best-known art galleries, cafes and shops. Make sure to see St. Pierre Cathedral, the famous Bourgh-de-four Square which is one of the oldest places in the city, if you are into history then check out Maison Tavel museum, or Old Arsenal canons which are decorated by beautiful mosaic work. Reformation Wall is also another thing you should miss seeing in the Old Town.

Parc de La Grange – Just want to chill and relax? This park is the ideal place to be, surrounded by nature and a lake, you are guaranteed an amazing time here. One of the largest green places in the city, it is surely impressive. Check out the Rose Garden here and the Theatre de Verdure where there are a couple of entertainment events all year long.

Palais des Nations United Nation’s headquarters is in Geneva, and yes you can visit the ground and take a guided tour inside. The headquarters are used till date, the Speakers Bureau Briefings lets you even interact with one of their experts. You can see their Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room, The Council Chamber and many more sections depending on the availability. You will also learn about the current agendas of the UN on this guided tour.

Mont Saleve – Fancy a quick trip to the mountains? Around 30min away from the borders of Geneva is this beautiful mountain in France. The view of the city from here is priceless and you can either hike up or take a cable car, this mountain is also known as ‘The Balcony of Geneva’. You can sit and enjoy a coffee or a drink at the cafe locating at the summit, nothing can beat that view with a hot chocolate.

There are a few more activities and places you can check out if you have more time in this gorgeous city.

  • Saturday mornings at Plaine de Plainpalais which is one of the biggest flea markets in Switzerland.
  • Check out the Red Crescent Museum
  • Paddle-board on Lake Geneva
  • Paraglide from Mont Saleve
  • Don’t leave without trying Cheese Fondue 
  • Marvel at the sunset from Tropical Corner
  • Wander around Carouge which is the Italian area of Geneva
  • Flower Clock at Jardin Anglais
  • See a concert at Geneva Victoria Hall

With these many activities, attractions and things to do in Geneva your trip to this city will be one beautiful experience, if you have any more suggestions do recommend in the comments.

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