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Day trips from Geneva

If you have a few more days to spare, I would suggest some of the best day trips from Geneva, as there is no doubt Switzerland is amazing but there are many more wonderful day trips from Geneva which will surprise you with its beauty. 

Few of my best suggestions for day tours would be:-

Annecy – This is a very popular choice for a full day tour to the wonderful part of France. Just an hour away from Geneva, it has plenty of things to do and see. Resting on the river Thiou, it’s even regarded as the Venice of the Alps. Check out the markets here, or their cafes. Don’t forget to take a walk down the shores of the famous Lake Annecy, Gardens of Europe, and the popular lover’s bridge which is known as Pont des Amours.

There are many activities happening around the lake including a Segway tour or rent a bike which is my favourite way to explore the town. Even Pedal boating and a few more water sports are in demand here.

Regardless of the fun things surrounding the lake do not miss checking out the Old town, it’s absolutely stunning, don’t forget to follow the stunning canal route along the Louis Lachenal promenade. The fortified palace called Palais de L’le makes a wonderful picture opportunity too. If you feel a little adventurous hike up the steep hill to see the Chateau d’Annecy, take a stroll around the hall, castle tower and the museum. People also like to admire the Gorges du Fier here, its a fascinating natural wonder. For shopaholics, Rue Sainte-Claire is a good option as there is an abundance of shops to keep you busy.

If you are into Ski there are many resorts nearby the city which is famous for ski holidays. Even for hikers, there are many dedicated trails to follow like the Mount Veyrier, Semnoz and the La Tournette hike.

Glacier 3000 – A very popular place to venture out from Geneva is Glacier 3000 via Montreux. It takes about 2 hours but I certainly recommend both the places, be it winter or summer there are plenty of things to do around here. You can either take a guided tour which will take you around both the places or take it easy and do it yourself. At Glacier 3000 there is a Peak walk which is a suspension bridge connecting two mountains, a thrilling alpine coaster, chance to take a ride on the dog sledge or enjoy the glorious views from the Chairlift. If you are feeling a bit too fancy they even have helicopter flight which showcases you some of the surrounding areas of the mountain. 

This is easily reachable by car but if you like to take the train you can board a train from Geneva up until Aigle and then change at Aigle which takes you to Les Diablerets. From there you can take a bus to the cable car station Col-du-Pillon, Glacier.

Chamonix and Mont Blanc – An hour away from Geneva this is another magnificent town of France and it’s a rather popular day trip from Geneva. This town is also a gateway to the dynamic Mont Blanc, known for skiing, and beautiful views. Either hike up-to-the summit or take the scenic Tramway du Mont Blanc, it has two stops Nid d’Aigle and Bellevue both of which have interesting things to do around. 

If you do feel that Mont Blanc is too touristy, you can even head to The Mer de Glace, known to be one of the largest glaciers in Europe. You can reach here by taking the Montenvers railway which departs from the town of Chamonix. Another fascinating place to visit around is the spectacular Les Gorges de la Diosaz.

Gruyeres – Over an hour away from Geneva is this outstanding town where you can learn about chocolates and cheese and of course, try some too. Take a tour of the famous Maison Cailler factory and don’t forget to buy some for your friends and family too. If you fancy some cheese then make it a point to visit La Maison du Gruyere, where you can try various cheese till your heart content.

The medieval Gruyeres Castle is a well-known attraction, see some of the rooms and learn a thing or a two from the multimedia show which runs through the history of the castle. There is another charming museum called the HR Giger Museum which has a vast range of sculptures and pieces of furniture which dates back to the 1960s.

Lausanne – An hour drive from Geneva, is the delightful city of Lausanne on Lake Geneva. It’s popular as it houses the headquarters of the Olympics, and of course the Olympic museum which is a great tourist attraction. My favourite pastime in this city is to cruise on the lake Geneva and hop between the little adorable towns. Take a stroll in the old town or the lakefront district Ouchy which is lined with restaurants and cafes.

If you want some pretty pictures, climb up the Cathedral De Notre Dame or check out its majestic gothic architecture. Parc de Mon Repos is another peaceful place to take a stroll, see the gothic tower, fountains, statues and be surprised by these parks splendid beauty as you walk by. Palud Square is a gem for tourists and locals who love to spend the time in this cobblestoned square, with lines of shops, restaurants and cafes this place surely knows how to attract people. Similar to Palud Square is Bourg Street, especially for the shopaholics. If you want to experience the nightlife here check out the hip district of Flon where there are numerous restaurants, bars and pubs. 

Vevey – On the shores of the Swiss Rivera lies a breathtaking town of Vevey, a peaceful and serene place to visit especially if you like to relax and unwind. Just over an hour drive from Geneva, but surely a place I would love to go back too. Visit the world’s only nutrition museum here called the Vevey Alimentarium. Take a walk down the Lake Geneva’s promenade which is a 10 km stretch up until Chateau de Chillon. Don’t forget to witness the huge fork at Lake Leman which is now an associated with Vevey. 

This town also has a statue of the acclaimed Charlie Chaplin and a Chaplin’s World which is a museum showcasing some of his private and public life, pretty impressive.

Even though there are a lot more places to venture out from Geneva these mentioned here are the most loved and are easily accessible by car and train. If you have more suggestions for day trip ideas from Geneva, please leave your suggestions below.

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