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Must see things in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is one of the largest city of Switzerland it is no doubt one of the most loved cities by the tourists. There are events and exhibitions happening all year round, and many of the prominent airlines offer direct services to this city. It is slightly expensive then it’s other neighbouring countries but you won’t be disappointed as there is so much to do and see which won’t leave you regretful, coming to Swiss.

Walk around the Old Town – Start your day in the Lindenhof district of Zurich, it is the centre of the old town and very charming. It’s a melting pot of culture and history, see the Great Minister (Grossmunster) as its an iconic landmark here. If you are into churches then check out the Peter’s Church. Bahnhofstrasse and Rennweg street will impress you if you are into shopping and eating, this street is not going to let you down, lined with designer stores, restaurants, and cafes you are in for a great time. If you are interested in checking a few museums then the Swiss National Museum and Museum of Art is recommended. 

Lake Zurich – If you speak about Zurich, Lake Zurich definitely deserves a mention, the promenade is usually busy as there are plenty of shops and restaurants around. You can see families enjoying a picnic in summer, and there are options for Boat tours.

Enjoy the views from Uetliberg mountain – Either take the various hiking trails up to the mountain or the train ride, nevertheless, the views are breathtaking. In winter you can even sledge down the hills if you are lucky with the snow. At times you can see the city covered in fog too, as the summit is often above the clouds particularly during the wintertime.

Zurich Opera House This neo-classical design of the opera house building features famous poet’s, and musicians. There are many great performances and shows happening all year round and it would be a good option to check it out.

Rieterpark – One of Zurich’s biggest park which also houses The museum Rietberg where you can stumble upon some marvellous pieces of art. Some of the beech trees in this park are over 150 years old. On a good summer day, there are many families seen doing picnics here, it’s a great place to relax and unwind in the city.

Apart from these famous attractions don’t forget to try some cheese and chocolates here, Zurich is pretty popular for its food scene too. Some other things to see in Zurich if you have a good number of days in hand are Fifa World Football Museum, Money Museum, Migros Museum and Zurich Zoo. District of Zurich West, particularly for Viadukt (hipster area) and the Zurich Botanical Garden are also recommended. 

There is an also a cheese fondue cruise here if you are feeling a bit extravagant, and the spas in Zurich are supposed to be extraordinary, so a visit surely won’t disappoint you.

Zurich has tons of things to do as it’s one of the major hubs in Switzerland. If you desire to see some more cities from Zurich, there are plenty of day tours options. 

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