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Five beautiful day trips from Zurich

Zurich is no doubt pretty but if you intend to see more of the surrounding cities and towns this is the perfect opportunity as Zurich makes for a great base and the accessibility of trains and guided tours make it even easier. Some of the popular day tours from Zurich are:-

Davos – in the canton of Graubünden is this splendid town of Davos which is surrounded by mountains and is also a popular place for skiing, amazing resorts and hiking trails. A two-hour drive from Zurich, you won’t be disappointed by this charming town, Davos. Take the Schatz-Funicular up-to-the Alpine Botanical Garden, the view is pretty and you can even get to admire the flora and fauna up here.

Don’t miss out the scenic Dischma Valley, we took a carriage ride here and marvelled at the beauty of this little town. They even have a fascinating Kirchner Museum, for art lovers. Toboggan alpine run is just a few minutes away from Davos and is one thrilling adrenaline fun day.

You can even take the train to Zugen Gorge located between Davos Mountain and Wiesen. Davos is an ideal place for sports fanatics where you can take part in skiing, parachuting, and a couple of wellness resorts too.

Films – The delightful landscapes of Films was formed by the disaster which is known as the Films Rockslide. There are a couple of hiking trails, summer camps for kids, ski resort, and the marvellous Lake Caumasee which is nothing short of magnificent. Trutg dil Flem is a fascinating trail which takes you through the beautiful gorge of the Flem which is amusing, hearing the voice of the wild river is serene. 

A 30min ride away from Films you can even take in the views of the pristine Rhine Gorge of Ruinaulta. You can indulge in many water sports activities or ride a bike around the splendid trail. 

Jungfraujoch, Top of Europe – A trip to this popular mountainous region of Bernese Oberland is highly recommended especially if you like snow-covered mountains all year round. The quickest way to reach here from Zurich is by train via Bern or Interlaken. The Jungfrau trains provide some breathtaking views and take you to the top of Europe, it is one of the most popular trips in Switzerland. 

It has a Snow park which is open in summer, multiple restaurants, hiking trails, a climate control vantage point with magical views, and without a doubt offers some of the most astonishing views. If you have a few hours in hand it will be good to check out the car-free town of Murren.

The Rhine falls and Schaffhausen–  A 50min train ride will take you to the heavenly Rhine falls and you won’t regret taking this ride. It’s also important to know that this is Europe’s biggest waterfall if you wish to get closer to the falls to takes a boat ride. After spending a considerable amount of time near the falls you should surely pay a visit to the Schaffhausen village and Schloss Laufen castle.

The medieval car-free old town of Schaffhausen is full of surprises, beautiful architecture, famous House Of the Knight (Haus zum Ritter) and the famous square called Fronwagplatz which is lined with shops and restaurants. The fortress of Munot in this town goes back to the 16th Century and even has a moat, it provides a spectacular view of the city as well. The promenade of the Rhine river makes a great place for strolls or for a romantic meal.

Mt Titlis – A revolving cable car ride providing thrilling views of the mountainous landscape is worth experiencing. It takes around 2 hours to reach from Zurich via Lucerne but the train ride will keep you entertained with the lovely views. Titlis has a 12km stretch of ski slope and in summer you can even hike, and bike around Titlis.

Don’t forget to walk over the Titlis Cliff walk, visit the Glacier Cave, and the fun Glacier Park. The Trubsee lake offers paddling and kayaking option too in the summer, so isn’t Titlis the best all year round destination?

Liechtenstein – It’s easier to access this city by car or bus but if you intend to take the train from Zurich, there will be two changes and a short bus ride to finally reach the capital Vaduz. One of the most popular attractions here is the Vaduz Castle, you get to know about the history of the city and gaze over the wonderful view of the Rhine valley. Don’t forget to take a stroll in the heart of the city which is Das Stadtle, it has a couple of shops lined up and some great restaurants and cafes.

My favourite part here is the Silum village it is a pleasing place, but usually seen as a stopover for hikers while heading to the nearby Steg village. You can even enjoy skiing in the Malbun region, it offers a couple of activities and is a great place to even learn the sport. Hikers will be pleased as The Eschnerbeg offers many hiking routes around the region. One more impressive castle here is the romantic Gutenberg Castle, visit the rose garden and the chapel. 

Art lovers will be delighted to visit the Kunstmuseum in the city centre, another compelling museum to visit is the Stamp Museum here. Liechtenstein ranks six in the world for being the smallest country but that should be seen as a blessing in disguise as it gives you more chances of seeing most of the phenomenal sites here.

These, my friends, are my suggestions for some of the best day trips from the cosmopolitan city of Zurich. The options for day trips are plenty from the city but these are some of the most loved getaways. If you want to do the trips without any hassle you can take guided tours or the trains which are pretty easy.

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