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Best attractions in Lucerne, Switzerland

Another one of the gem cities in Switzerland in Lucerne, you can either spend a day here or come from Zurich for a day trip but I highly recommend visiting this place. It’s alluring and flawless, I can visit this place a couple of times without feeling bored. Lucerne has that enchanting spell that keeps calling you back for more. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s situated in the centre of Switzerland and you can even make this city a base for many day excursions.

Chapel Bridge – If you come to this city you must make it a point to walk over this 14th century Chapel Bridge, it’s one of the highly-rated tourist’s attractions and not too far away from the station. Start your trip in this charming town with a stroll over this bridge. If you are on the lookout for food, there are lines if restaurants and cafes around here.

Lion Monument – I find peace whenever I am around this monument, it was made in the 18th century to commemorate the Swiss soldiers who lost their life’s in the French Revolution. Nothing is too far in Lucerne and this attraction to is just a few minutes walk from the Chapel Bridge.

Old Town – Each city of Switzerland has its own version of Old Town and Lucerne is not different too. Stroll around the town hall, try some chocolates, and admire at the beautiful houses here. There are plenty of restaurants and shops here, so you will enjoy the time spent around.

Lake Lucerne Promenade – Want to just unwind and take it easy? Walk down the Lake Lucerne Promenade and enjoy the fresh air, the view and the peaceful walk. The promenade is usually busy but I would suggest taking a stroll around here to get the feel of Lucerne.

If you wish to explore more of this town you can see the Spreuer Bridge, quite like the Chapel Bridge but less touristy. The Jesuit Church and Franciscan Church for its fantastic architecture and style. Bruch quarter is another lively neighbourhood you can explore if you have time. To experience the nightlife here venture to the Hirschmatt-Neustadt quarter where you find tons of places to eat and party. 

Want to take it even easier but still get the satisfaction of seeing the city, take a relaxing boat tour on the Lake Lucerne and with Swiss Travel Pass this tour is complimentary. 

Lucerne in my opinion just requires one whole day to be explored but if you like to spend more time and explore more of Switzerland this city makes for a great base.

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