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Malaga’s five best attraction

One of the oldest Mediterranean cities seaport Malaga has to be my favourite coastal cities, unlike Ibiza its calmer, and has quite a few attractions for families with kids. It makes for a great base city as well if you would like to make day trips to white towns of Ronda, Alhambra or Marbella. There are quite a few options of amazing resorts and seafood restaurants so my cravings for Paella were taken care. Apart from the serene beaches, you can even opt to explore some of the historical attractions and believe me it’s going to be fun, there is more to Malaga then just the beaches.

Costa del Sol: It consists of the beachfront towns and networks along the coastline of the Province of Málaga. Stretching up to 150km this coastal destination is popular for the nightlife, bars and restaurants. You can even take part in some of the Water sports or relax by the ocean and get a beautiful tan as this area of Spain has sun all year round.

Castillo Gibralfaro: It consists of remnants of a Moorish mansion post high on Mount Gibralfaro offering walkable paths for tourists. Build in the 14th century to house troops and protect the Alcazaba region this place is popular among tourists. You can take a tour of this fortress and see the storeroom, water tank and auxiliary building.

Roman Theatre: It’s a contemporary historical centre at an old Roman venue with ancient rarities and instructive information. It was even used as a cemetery in the 5th and 6th century but was later abandoned until it was rediscovered from underground again in 1951.  This Space is used occasionally even today for concerts and events.

Malaga Cathredal – Situated in the old square this 16th-century cathedral was built over a site of a mosque and is one of the most dominating attractions of Malaga. You can even walk up to the north tower of the cathedral where you can get an astonishing view of the city.

Larios street – Malaga’s popular shopping street where you can enjoy bundles of shops, restaurants, cafes, and hotels. During Christmas, they put up a phenomenal light show which attracts a lot of tourists. Walk along the alleys and the main promenades as this elegant place should not be missed.

With these top five attractions, you will have a joyous time in this coastal town of Andalusia which is full of art, architecture, culture and some delicious food. Malaga, I will be back very soon to enjoy more of your rich heritage.

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