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Top Five Attractions in Ibiza

This city is famous for the vivacious nightlife in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni, where significant European clubs have summer stations. Having some of the most fascinating coastlines and a city known for its rich history this city of Spain makes an ideal place for family with young teens and adults who love to party carefree. Live the laid back life on this island and explore some of the most happening clubs, parties events and also the delicious food. Some of the must-see attractions here are as follows:-

Platja d’en Bossa: It’s a noteworthy occasion resort on the Spanish island of Ibiza principally providing food for the British, German and Italian. This place has a couple of activities so you will always be occupied, you can also head to Dalt Vila which will give you a bohemian vibe.

Ibiza Puerto: This well-known port for voyage ships has shops, bars and eateries, in addition to picturesque water views. Witness the sunset here or indulge in a romantic meal at the numerous restaurants here. You will surely not be disappointed with this wonderful marina promenade.

Cova de Can Marçà: It was a cavern utilized by dealers which now has a cascade light show, a cafeteria and a gift shop. Enjoy the fascinating light show which will surely impress you and your family. A 100,000-year-old cave which has some impressive fossils and also offers an amazing view of the shoreline once you exit the cave.

Benirrás beach: When you think about Ibiza you surely like to know about its pristine beaches, sand and pebbles. Head to this fabulous beach north of Ibiza where you can even go snorkelling, take a ride on a motorboat or settle for a tan with the shining sun all year round.

Hippy Market: Having a strong cultural and traditional roots this marketplace is one of the most visited tourist attractions here. Buy some exotic jewellery or handicrafts to take as souvenirs from your trip to Ibiza.

Ibiza is definitely a place not to be missed and for a short getaway, this place will make a charming effect on you leaving you wanting more from Spain’s beautiful island Ibiza.

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