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A guide to Rhodes best attractions

Many of my British friends have been to this destination and they cannot stop raving about it, and since I was already in Greece it makes sense to make a trip to this sunny Mediterranean island. I think after spending a few weeks in Greece I can say without being biased that Rhodes was my favourite! There is so much to do and explore and you are also close to Turkey which allows you to do a day trip there as well!

I was here for three days and let me share with you all the things I did here, trust me you are in for a gala time at this magnificent island.

The old town of Rhodes – This part of Rhodes has so much culture and history that I could easily spend hours just strolling around and be mesmerised by its archaeological sites and interesting sites. You will be surprised to know this part of the town is also a UNESCO World Heritage, it has 4km long fortified walls. Do make sure you have enough time to explore the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knight of Rhodes, and just a few stones away are the unique Street of the Knights. Around the centre, you will stumble upon multiple restaurants, shops, The Roloi Clock Tower, Churches of Agia Triada and Agia Aikaterini.

Another impressive building here is the Suleman Mosque, and if you are interested in museums you should check out The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes, and the Byzantine Art Museum.

Lindos – I had the lovely chance to stay at Lindos, and I was surprised to see how busy this area gets, many people from the centre come here to explore the Lindos Acropolis, the old town, and to spend time at the enchanting beach. There are many restaurants here, and I loved the welcoming hospitality. Many people come here by boat from the Mandraki harbour of Rhodes situated in the old town, if you decide to drive it, it should take around 40min on average.

Valley of butterflies – Whether you are a family with kids, solo traveller or a couple this is one place I highly recommend you visit as it’s beyond spectacular. It’s a bit of a drive from the centre but surely worth it, the valley has many types of flora and fauna but the best feature here is the butterflies. This place is quite huge, and you can also take a look at the Natural History Museum situated nearby the valley. There is also a butterfly train, to make the experience more enjoyable.

Windmills of mandraki harbour – I had the chance to visit this harbour as we were going for a day trip to Symi from here. You can find a lot of interesting things to see and do around here, like visiting The Archbishops Palace, the City Hall and the National Theatre of Rhodes. Here you will even get to witness the three popular windmills and the famous memorial of Colossus.

The best way to explore the harbour and the old town is by foot or by joining a guided tour which will give you a good insight into Rhodes.

Rhodes Beaches – I think I am obsessed with beaches and the beaches are here pleasantly pretty, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing down your favourite beach but take my suggestion and visit at least a few throughout your stay. Some of the popular ones are Faliraki Beach which is very popular among tourists, Anthony Quinn Beach, Agathi Beach, Lindos Beach, Tsambika Beach and Vlicha beach.

Kallithea Springs – Another way to appreciate the beauty of Rhodes, the spring water here is supposed to be beneficial for many reasons especially since it has many rich properties. People do come from far and beyond to take a dip in this popular spring water. Apart from that, why not use this as another excuse to relax and unwind with this lush view.

Seven Springs – Want to feel grateful about your trip to Rhodes? Well, I was in a state of awe at this magical place, while on my way to Tsambika Monastery which is a Byzantine Church offering a breathtaking view of Rhodes I saw some signs for this Spring and had to check it out! I wasn’t disappointed, the seven springs are coming from the mountain leading to create a river. The most fascinating thing about this place is the tunnel, and you can follow its path too.

Although these are the only things I could squeeze on my trip to Rhodes unlike me if you are lucky enough to spend a few more days it be great to check out some more towns like Archangelos, Kritinia, Emponas and Kattavia. Another fun activity would be to take some time out and go Kayaking, snorkelling or take an adventurous jeep tour which seems to be another popular tourist thing to do.

For people who love to know more about the place and its history can check out the various castles spread across town but the most popular one here is Monolithos Castle and Kritinia Castle. A few more interesting sights are Rodini Park, Filerimos Monastery, and Prasonisi island.

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