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Culinary adventures in Singapore

With a blend of different cuisines and a great western influence, Singapore is like a food paradise for people who admire world cuisines. From fine dining restaurants to Michelin star hawker stalls, Singapore knows how to tempt you when it comes down to food. So apart from the usual restaurants, these are few of the places I tried during my visit to Singapore with the tourism board and without a second though I would love to go back to a few like:-

Ya Kun Kaya Toast – A popular street food chain where you can find nutritious, healthy and scrumptious ‘Kaya Toast.’ Easily available at most places, it’s a simple recipe of kaya (coconut jam), sugar, and butter. Dip these bread into running eggs which is another Singaporean tradition and enjoy the delightful flavor of one of the best street foods.

Yan – Heading to the Singapore National Gallery? They have eight unique restaurants to try, but the one I felt was pretty impressive was the Cantonese restaurant Yan. Either opt for their sharing menu, Dim sums or some delicious pecking duck. After your meal, don’t forget to head to the terrace which is few steps away from this restaurant, the view from here is phenomenal.

Satay By The Bay – Just a few blocks away from Gardens By The Bay is Satay By The Bay, over here you can find numerous stalls selling some unique dishes. It is mostly packed with locals and tourists both which are trying to get a taste of some classical and traditional food of this country. Without saying, it does apply you need to try the Satay Chicken which is exceptional in flavor.

Streats Asian Cafe – Sentosa Island is a great place to spend the day, but when it comes to Halal food there aren’t many options available, so this Asian themed restaurant comes to rescue when you need to try something palatable. Order their Chongqing Chicken which is a wok fried chili chicken or for something more subtle, try their Dim-sums which is a much safer option.

Mykonos on the Bay – Singapore is a diverse country, and when it comes to food, you can experiment with quite a few different cuisines. One such place which I went too was this Greek restaurant in Sentosa Cave, tuck into some Mediterranean specialties like Salmon, Calamari or their Greek Yogurt with some freshly baked pita bread.

Revolution Cafe – Chef Shen Tan of Revolution Cafe serves specialty coffees and some Nasi Lemak which is a Malay rice dish. Served with a crisp, moist side of chicken and fried eggs you can savor the commonly served dish at it’s best. Apparently, it is also considered Malaysia’s national dish, so it is worth a try!.

Another interesting thing here is their decadent Mille Crepe Cake, layers and layers of Pandan Crepes garnished with coconut and coconut cream.

Pizzeria Mozza – This pizzeria in Marina Bay Sand does a lot of mixes of Italian food, but strangely you won’t find even one Pasta dish but don’t feel disheartened as the wood oven Pizzas here are extremely delightful. For vegetarians, I would suggest the Fungi Pizza and for the meat lovers don’t miss out on the Pizza Al Benno.

This restaurant is owned by the popular Chef Mario Batali; he has written a few cookbooks, has 18 restaurants around the world which are appreciated by many food lovers.

Jumbo Seafood – Chilly Crab, is something you should try at Singapore, it would be a crime to come here and miss it. Jumbo Seafood restaurant which has quite a few branches is known for their lip-smacking gravy and excellent crabs. This restaurant is slightly more expensive than the rest, but it’s because of the quality which never seems to disappoint.

Tried their set menu which begins with some soup, appetizers, and moves onto the exotic Chilly Crab which is accompanied with some Fried Rice and a few more seafood mains!. Dessert, of course, is the highlight along with the Chilli Crab. Make sure to bring a big appetite.

Artichoke – Chef Bjorn Shen’s restaurant tries to excite its guests with a twist on the usual Arabic dishes. It’s quite a shame that this place hasn’t won a Michelin Star, but I don’t think it’s long until this genius chef is rewarded for his genuine passion for cooking. Don’t forget to try his recipe of Prawns and Baklava Ice cream.

This trip was sponsored by #YourSingaporeArabia (Tourism Board in Uae) but my opinions remain unbias regardless of the fact.

For more information – YouSingaporeArabia (Instagram) or Facebook page.

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