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Best Cities to Visit in Switzerland

This mountainous region of Europe is famous for all the right reasons, lakes, snow-capped mountains, beautiful chapels and churches and how can I forget the amazing food especially cheese. Switzerland is once in a lifetime destination which everyone should experience. I have been blessed to visit this heavenly country a couple of times and have done the scenic train rides to wonderful coach journeys and even after heading here at every opportunity I get I just cannot get enough of this gratifying country, Switzerland. If you are a first time visitor to Switzerland these are a few cities you need to tick off your bucket list.

Bern -Bern has so much to offer from food, shopping, museums, ease of day trips, parks and to top it all off it has World Heritagelisted sites. There are an infinite number of charming cathedrals, a bustling gastronomic scene and the culture which you will be ecstatically sucked into. Walking on the streets you will have plenty of opportunities to shop as well as venture to some of their parks or witness some beautiful lakes. This city is also easily accessible from Zurich and is worth visiting as it’s incredibly beautiful.

Geneva – Bordering France this city is not only a financial hub but also swarmed with history and culture. There are people who cross the border of France and Switzerland daily as some prefer to work in this mesmerising town of Switzerland. Also known as one of the greenest cities in Europe you will have plenty of options to picnic at one of their numerous parks. Many headquarters are based here including United Nations where you can take a guided tour. Their old town is equally pretty and you will have a lot of photo opportunity there. 

Zurich – One of the largest city in Switzerland, and having quite a high living standard, Zurich is surely one of my favourite cities. This city has some of the best universities, churches, designer outlets, and museums. You will get a chance to reflect on the medieval history of this city as you walk past some the old town. Zurich railway station is well connected to other towns and villages of Switzerland too.

Lucerne – A beloved town of Switzerland, this place is perfect to spend a few days especially if you want to get away from the busy city life. There are a lot of day trip opportunities from this town like Mount Pilatus, Interlaken or the famous Mount Titlis. Their spectacular Chapel Bridge is beautiful and shouldn’t be missed, you will even get to witness some magnificent lakes and mountains here along with a host of cultural richness. 

Lugano – I went to Lugano from Italy for a day trip and fell in love with this quaint town. This town is more laidback and the mountainous backdrop is simply breathtaking. You can take a cruise on the famous lake, stroll around the park, or hike up-to Monte San Salvatore. There is also a lovely Dam here called Verzasca Dam which is apparently the highest in Europe. There are also a few UNESCO listed castles here and a few scenic train routes which will give you a visual treat of the gorgeous Swiss. 

These are just a few of my favourite cities in the marvellous country Switzerland but you can leave your suggestions too. On my next blog post, you will see more towns and villages accessible from the above-mentioned cities.

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