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Must see places in Western Australia

Western Australia might be isolated but the natural phenomena you get to witness here are mind-blowing, from wild animals, rugged national parks, dramatic coastlines, and divine food. You name it, and they have it. A few days here and there is just not enough to experience the vast majority of its natural wonders. Some places you need to see to believe in the wonders of the world are:- 

Pinnacles – Situated within the Nambung National Park is Pinnacles, this wind erosion which happened almost over 25,000 years ago has left behind the limestone pillars eroded and exposed to elements which give it this shape. Apart from the Pinnacles, you can also see a few animals such as Kangaroos, Emus, and cockatoos. There are many tour operators doing day tours from Perth to the National Park, its around 200km from the city and if you do have a chance this should be in your bucket list of attractions.

Purnulu National Park – This world heritage listed park has some amazing natural Beehive shaped stone formations which makes it so intriguing. Bungle Bungle Ranges has been occupied by the Aboriginal tribe since a very long time but became popular to the world only after the 1980s which is not too long ago. Apart from the beehive stones, you can even look at some of the magnificent gorges. There are helicopter tours, walking tours, 4WD rides, and overnight accommodations available as well. 

Karijini National Park – Carved by erosion over the course of two billion years this is the second-largest park in Western Australia. If you like to behold the beauty of this amazing park make sure to see Oxer’s Lookout, Fortescue Falls, the magical Hancock Gorge, and the heart-shaped Hamersley Gorge and the outstanding Weano Gorge. Many Australian animals can be seen here as well like Kangaroos, Emu, Wallabies, snakes and wide range of birds.

Wave Rock – Over 3 hours from Perth is the Hyden Park which encompasses the famed Wave Rock. It must have been on many peoples bucket list due to the unnatural wave rock formation. If you drive all the way from Perth you should surely see other attractions here like the Wave Rock Wildlife Park which has Kangaroos, Koalas, deers and many other exotic animals. The Miniature Soldier Museum, Walking Trails, Humps and Mukas Cave and the beautiful Lake Magic.

Margaret River – Almost a 3hr drive from Perth is this quaint town of Margaret River. There are quite a few things to astonish you here like the prominent Jewel Cave which takes an hour to tour with a guide, and its a surreal experience which is definitely worth seeing. Get stunned by some of the marvellous beaches here, Leeuwin Lighthouse, or the Boranup Karri Forest.

Horizontal Waterfalls – Kimberly Region in Western Australia is one outstanding place to witness some of the wonders of the world. The more time you spend here the more you realise the dramatic ranges, strange phenomena, incredible gorges and alluring beaches. One such unusual place on the coast of Kimberley region is Horizontal Falls. The tides here change the direction creating a waterfall effect, there are boat tours operating here and helicopter tours so take your pick and tick this strange wonder from your bucket list.

Coral Coast – If you are in Western Australia you should visit the counterpart of Great Barrier Reef which is Ningaloo Coast which is not only stunning but also less touristy. The reef is over 260km long and is the closest to the land, unlike the Great Barrier Reef. Here you can see the rich marine life including the whale sharks and the best part is you can snorkel around them. Around late August you can even witness the awesome Wildflower Season if you are driving from Perth the scenic view of the Indian ocean is breathtaking. Another impressive place to visit on the Coral Coast is Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, Monkey Mia, Cape Range National Park, Shell Beach and Paradise Beach.

Broome – The Cable beach here is a stretch of 22km white beach which makes this an amazing place for a holiday, and for a sunset camel ride. There are dinosaur tracks discovered too in the nearby Gantheaume and this place makes it perfect to spot dolphins too. The best time to visit this place is from April to November and you need about two to three days to completely soak in the ambience of Broome. You can check out the Bird Sanctuary in Roebuck bay and spectate over the full moon here as the phenomena is superb giving this place the title of ‘Staircase to the moon‘. Another reason Broome is known is because of the Willie Creek Pearl Farm, they make one of the finest pearls in the world and you can even buy one for yourself.

In the evenings you could head to the oldest outdoor cinema called Sun Picture Garden and have fun seeing a movie and relishing your popcorn. For a slightly more secluded beach experience head to Dampier peninsula, take a dip in the water or just stroll around as either way the experience is wonderous, its a two drive from Broome or you can take a scenic flight if you prefer. For more detailed knowledge of the town, you can even take a tour with an aboriginal guide who tells you all about the history of the town. If you want to see some feisty crocodiles then head to Malcolm Doughlas Crocodile park which is a mere 15min drive from the centre, it is quite a place. So if you are a resident or a tourist of Western Australia a visit to Broome would be highly appreciated.

Esperance – The city dwellers will appreciate taking a break from their hectic lives and heading to Esperance as the turquoise water, the wildlife, shimmering white sand and its Lucky Bay which is surrounded by 110 islands, Esperance surely sets the bar high when it comes to pleasing its guests. Start your day here by either visiting the Twilight beach or the Cape Le Grand National Park which is a 30 min drive from the centre, here you can go for hiking up until Frenchman Peak, see kangaroos, try fishing or just relax and take in the scenic beauty of the park.

Western Australia answer to the famous Great Ocean Road in Victoria is their very special Great Ocean Drive which is a 38 km scenic coast drive, on the way you can stop for picnics, swimming and beach escapes at Twilight Cove or Blue Haven Beach, and admire the view from Rotary viewpoint. There is no dull moment on this exquisite getaway. If you are in the centre then make a visit to the Esperance Museum to learn more about the history of the town or if you are an animal lover then a visit to the Esperance Bird and Animal park would be adored. For more intense nature enthusiastic you can make a visit to ‘Woody Islands‘, you can go for snorkelling here, admire the unique flora, and have a phenomenal time. It’s around a 20min boat ride away from Esperance and on the way there you can spot sea lions, dolphins, and seals.

Lastly, do take a flight over the Lake Hillier which is pink in colour, its quite a stunning sight. Esperance, has tons of nature, scenic spots and most importantly it provides the calm and peacefulness which many of us seek.

Western Australia is one gem of a destination and even though these are just a few of the must-see places, I am sure there are plenty of hidden destinations yet to be discovered, this part of Australia surprises you and fills your heart with contentment.

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