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Most viewed attractions in Denmark

Apart from being one of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark is also famous for its art, culture, food and tons history which shall surprise many visitors. Danish people are one of the friendliest people, and this makes your visit here even more memorable. Being connected to Sweden with one of its outstanding bridge also gives you access to visit another country.

Even though this country is a bit on the expensive side, you can still manage to experience the best of the city on a limited budget. Cycling here is most preferred, and having your lanes makes it super easy. Staying in Copenhagen is an ideal way to see the city in a short time.

Tivoli Garden – The best thing about Tivoli Garden is that it is located right in the city center, so you don’t have to travel for an hour to get to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. It had this old vintage charm which will make you fall in love with the ambiance, and don’t forget to indulge in some of their classic food stalls.

Nyhavn – If you want that Instagram shot of Copenhagen, don’t forget to head here. You must have seen this little district on many postcards and this area is a hub for tourist who gathers here to catch a ferry from the nearby port or to enjoy a scrumptious meal at one of the restaurants. It’s very strategically located so that you can walk to the Amalienborg Palace from here or the Marble Church.

Kronborg Castle – Apart from being one of UNESCO world heritage this place is also known for Shakespeare’s show Hamlet which was played here in the good old days. This castle offers the chance to relieve the royal history, and even though this place has been burnt down twice, it still has a lot to offer, the magnificent rooms, the exquisite alleyways and the view from the tower which is worth a million dollars.

Rosenburg Castle – Build by one of the Scandinavian kings this castle may look small, but it has an intriguing history. You can see the mesmerizing crown jewels and the tapestries which are an important part of this castle. This 400-year-old Danish castle will transport you back in time where you can witness the colorful lifestyle of some of the great kings and queens.

Don’t forget to take a stroll around the marvelous garden of this castle.

Oresund Bridge – Years of planning and execution finally resulted in the remarkable Oresund Bridge which connects Denmark with Sweden. Going to a new city couldn’t have been made so easy, you can plan a day trip to Sweden’s closest city which is Malmo or Lund.

The Little Mermaid – One of the most visited attractions is this tiny structure of a mermaid near the harbor. The statue has been a victim of vandalism couple of times and damaged too. The statue has completed almost 100 years and was inspired by a fairytale where a mermaid gives up everything for a handsome prince she loved.

Christianborg Palace – Parts of this captivating palace is still used for events and functions held by the royal family. This place was one of the main residing palaces of the royal family until 1794. If the reception rooms are not being used by the queen, you can book your tickets and head for a guided tour. It’s interesting to know that this Palace has seen history occurring for around 1000 year and it’s an important part of Copenhagen.

Amalienborg – Well, this Palace is still used by the guests of the royal family so encountering this architectural gem was one of my missions, here in Copenhagen. Unfortunately, you can’t take a tour of this Palace on your own, so you need to go with a guided group which happens once every day depending on the availability and if it’s not used by the royal family.

Rundetaarn – Built as an observatory this tower offers one of the best views of Copenhagen’s skyline. A bit of a walk to reach the upper level of the terrace but for the million dollar view, the hike is surely worth it. As you walk up to to the observatory you can also make pit stops at few of their floors where you can witness art exhibitions and artifacts from the good old days.

Stroget street – Stretching up-to 2km this shopping street is one of Europe longest pedestrian walkways. You can find restaurants, cafes and designer brands along the long stretch, a little fun fact about this street is many attractions can be found here so be sure to be alert as you pass some classes danish churches, towers, and landmarks.


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