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Luxury in the clouds – Singapore Airlines

Most of you who know me do know how much I enjoy traveling and exploring new destinations. This time as well it is no different, I flew to Auckland, pretty much one of the farthest places I could think of and even though the idea of taking breaks is always exotic the time I spent on flying there isn’t. I wish I could just teleport myself to my destination, but well if you choose the right airline the journey gets a bit more comfortable and the experience more memorable.

Knowing that New Zealand is 16 hours away from Dubai, I decided to break my journey into two legs. Decided to fly Singapore Airlines as I have flown with them a couple of times earlier but this time on business class to minimize the effect of jet lag.

Getting to the airport I had a swift check in and even had some time to spend at their Business Class lounge, you can try range of food options, cold and hot beverages and use the wifi which is a blessing.

In flight services

* Options of welcome drink
* Hot towel to refresh
* You can opt for various dishes starting from the appetizers, mains, and dessert.
* Recline your leather seats or making it into full flat bed for a peaceful sleep.
* Various in flights entertaining options from series, new releases, classics, and games.
* Inflight WiFi is available for purchase.
* Abundance of storage options.
* Luxury amenities like a sock, slippers eye mask, dental kit, and moisturizers.


The service is beyond exceptional, the staff are extremely courteous and would make sure to look after your slightest needs from the time you board till the landing.


I have had the luxury to travel on quite a few leading airlines Business class sector but Singapore Airlines tops the chart when it comes to service, food, experience, and luxury.

Disclaimer – I was a guest on Singapore Airlines but my opinion remains unbiased.

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  • anisha8188
    September 17, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    Singapore Airlines is indeed amazing! I’ve flown them couple of times and will do again this November. Can only dream of business class though 🙂


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