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A Buffet spread worth exploring

Burj Al Arab is the epitome of luxury especially when it comes to impressing its guests and enhancing their holiday to one memorable lifetime experience. When this hotel opened in 1999 it was termed as the seven-star hotel even though the highest rating given to a hotel is five star, so what makes Burj Al Arab deserve such a title? Well, they push their limits when it comes down to service, architecture, ambiance, and awe struck interiors.

My experience dining at their restaurants has always been dramatic and engaging, why do I say this? Dramatic because each restaurant surprises me with its spectacular views and engaging as speaking to the chefs makes you realize how much of effort has gone into creating every meal here.

Last week I dined at one of their Arabic buffet restaurant called Al Iwan, Chef Hussain here takes intricate care while preparing the menu. From a seafood station to an aromatic Lamb Ouzi you will be delighted by the food here. The hot and cold mezes are served on the table while for the mains you will have to make your way towards the buffet counter.

Surprised by the mix of selection which is traditional yet keeping in mind the diverse taste buds of the guests this place makes sure to keep the flavors and textures as rich and nourishing as it can.

For 325dhs you get the view, the food and the experience which shall be cherished forever, don’t miss out the opportunity to dine at Al Iwan if you too want to sample some Arabic cuisine.

For more information visit Burj Al Arab or Call +971 043017600

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