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La Tablita – Hyatt Regency

I am not aware of many authentic Mexican fine dining restaurants in Dubai which can boast about good food. Many a times it is tampered to a particular taste and what is left is a completely new dish having a slight bit of Mexicana in it. La Tablita a new concept of Hyatt Regency presents to you the best of Mexico’s food scene.image

A modern restaurant which still maintains the culture of it’s country intact. The interiors and the music will definitely transport you to this beautiful city. Dj definitely makes sure your feet taps while you munch on some zingy dishes. I was delighted to be invited here and see what Mexico had to offer me.image

Beverages were some very unique traditional drinks and for the starters we had a mix of some Chef’s recommendations. The Taco shop is a superb concept and from there we had Chicken Pineapple Taco, Mushroom Taco, Beef Taco and Shrimp Tacos. From all the ones I had the Shrimp ones were the best and the chicken and mushroom ones could be a little more moist.image

Apart from the Tacos, the Crispy Cheese roll with Salsa and Guacamole was excellent, It is light and tangy to have. Seaweed Tuna is another example of deliciousness, it is a simple looking dish but once you eat you just can’t get enough of it. Chili Mushroom Shrimps were my favorite since it had the spice to get me hooked on but it was a bit oily as well. Not to mention the Ceviche Bar also has some must try dishes like Camaron, if you like prawns and coconut this should be your ideal choice.image

After this round the chef impressed us with some more of his creations like Melted cheese and Beef Choriso which is an interesting and delicious dish to look forward too. Fajita’s on the other hand compared to all the dishes were basic but the Grilled Lobster roll were mellow and juicy. By now my stomach kept screaming at me to stop eating but when you have ambrosial dishes it is hard to say no. Now it was time for the last dish of the day and certainly it was worth the wait Cod in Tangy Sauce. This is something you wouldn’t want to eat since the presentation is spectacular and oh my the first bite itself makes you realize how lovely this dish taste.image

Leave some big space in your tummy for Tres Leches and the crunchy chocolate Churros. Tres Leches with Jalapeño icecream is a winner here, super soft bread soaked in a lot of cream and milk will make you think twice before you share a piece and Churros are a classic choice if you want to keep the dessert light.image

So if you are looking for a restaurant with great warmth and super good this is the place to be.

For more information about this restaurant visit their website at:- or Call them at :- +97143172221La Tablita Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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