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Farzi Cafe – Citywalk, Media Preview

With the advancement of science it’s not just technologies which are getting better and better but also in food you can see a vast difference from the way it’s cooked and served. And these days with the ongoing buzz about gastronomical dishes Farzi Cafe which opened up in Dubai’s Citywalk is pushing the bar with food which is visually appealing at the same time cost effective and marvelous in taste. On talking with Zorawar Kalra you realized how much of effort has gone behind the scenes to make your experience completely worthwhile.image

Before this restaurant opens upto the general public I with a fellow bloggers got the wonderful opportunity to try this place. Soon enough we are amazed one by one with elegantly presented dishes. Beginning with some Papadum which is served with ample of dips, some were loved and some just didn’t appeal my pallette. Mishti Doi, blooming with smoke was a delightful shot to try, subtle in taste. Raj Kachori has a hidden texture attached to it which should be kept as a tiny secret for you to experience.image

With these few dishes we were just getting started and a few min later more surprises to welcome us. Wasabi Prawns, Samosa Platter, Pani Puri Shots, Dal Chawal Aranchini to name a few are simple Indian dishes mixed with a Fusion Tarka at Farzi. For me having Dal Chawal Aranchini still sounds odd but the way it is cooked and served tempts me to switch my stable diet with these forever. Tandoori Mushroom were delighful but slightly the strong pepper taste did overpower it.image

For the mains a dramatic Shawarma Biryani works wonder on me followed by a Deconstructed Sheperds Pie, beautifully cooked meat served in a moon platter is something any meat lover would enjoy. Devilled Quailed Eggs, exceptional presentation but the meat came across a bit dry to me. Lastly Mutton Pepper Fry served with Paratha reminded me of my moms curry, simple presentation but the taste will win you over.image

Even after all these dishes most of us eagerly awaited the arrival of the Desserts. The Rasmalai Tres Leches with carrot cream made me promise myself to get all my friends back here to make them taste the wonderful dishes here.image

I am so in love with this new fusion Indian restaurants which strives hard to impress you with the usual Indian dishes but with a twist attached to give you more then just a dining experience.image

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  • Sam rolly
    April 5, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    Copied menu from famous restaurants like alinea and motto same goes for trisend every thing is copied on the name of molecular it’s a joke I think it’s time when bloggers should correctly appreciate efforts of real
    Chefs like Atul kochhar and chef vineet Bhatia and stop comparing these legends with fake wanna be restaurants where menu is about copying just for free meals bloggers are ready to write nice good stories about such fake restaurants

    • SanaOnFood
      April 8, 2016 at 8:25 am

      HI Sam, Firstly thanks a lot for taking time and commenting, I really appreciate it. I do know molecular gastronomy is not a new concept in food industry and the restaurants you mentioned are already using these techniques way before. But what I want to bring out from this review is how they have used this in Indian cuisine and made your normal Dal-Chawal stand out not just in presentation but also in taste.

      Considering Atul Kochhar and Vineet Bhatia I have been their biggest fan and thats the reason their restaurants are a part of my top Indian restaurants in Dubai, do have a look. Infact Atul Kochhar has shared that post as well and Vineet Bhatia himself is following me on Twitter and has appreciated my reviews.

      And lastly even if a blogger has been invited for a event they still don’t have to write a good review, if the food is bad no reviews can save the restaurants. My review on Farzi was my opinion and things I haven’t liked it is mentioned as well. Like I always believe every individual has a different taste palette and likings so you might love something and I might not.

      Hope I have done my best to answer your query 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

  • yolo
    September 16, 2016 at 10:50 am

    can u mention prices

    • SanaOnFood
      September 16, 2016 at 8:08 pm

      Hi Yolo,

      Thanks for browsing through my blog. It’s been a while since my visit so I suggest you have a look at their website for a more updated version on the price list.


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