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Lunch With Giorgio Locatelli, Atlantis

Highly regarded Italian chef Giorgio Locatelli recently unveiled his new Truffle menu at his restaurant Ronda Locatelli in Atlantis. Having attained the Michelin Star and winning awards consecutively, this Chef shares his passion and love for Italian food.

With this new menu, the highlight was upon the simple use of flavors and ingredients to bring across the intense flavors of Truffle. A five-course menu which begins with a classic Beef Carpaccio garnished abundantly with freshly shaved Truffle serves as a pleasant entrée.

Parmesan Risotto next, was a cheesy delight and with delicate textures; it would be appreciated by people who adore light yet flavourful dishes. Among all the course my favorite was the Taglierini, silky homemade pasta with the simplest recipe and the finest ingredients makes this purely satisfying. Our second last course was fancy, stuffed with an egg yolk it was an enormous Raviolo, pretty attention grabbing and rich.

To make this afternoon even more extraordinary, Chef Giorgio Locatelli finished this meal with an exotic Zabaione. This sinful dessert made with egg yolks and sugar was topped with Truffle making it sinful.

With these exquisite Italian dishes and Chef Locatelli serving his finest creations, I was more than convinced that this new menu is only for people who appreciate the love for real, simple textures.

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