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Al Mandaloun – DIFC

Sheesha and Lebanese cuisines go hand in hand and one of the restaurants which provides both of these in one of the glamorous areas of Dubai is Al Mandaloun. If you are one of those hardworking people who after a tuff day just want to relax with a nice strong puff of Sheesha I would suggest this place.image

Lebanese food is something I adore greatly since my husband loves the subtle textures of dishes which aren’t too complicated to cook and at the same time it is loved by many. Compared to the numerous sophisticated restaurants in this area where a whopping price is attached to a simple dish this place can serve a full meal at that cost. Getting ahead with my tasting I ordered for some quintessential dishes which were served at our table in a super fast time.image

Who doesn’t like Hot Breads? Especially with the pleasant dips like:-
*Hummus with Meat – Smooth and creamy consistency with the juicy meat was a classic dish to have. I would suggest them to drizzle a bit of Olive Oil for extra deliciousness.
*Batata Hara – These fried potatoes with a charming mix of spices is so good to have and too hard to resist.
*Menakish – These flat Pizza breads with a mix of veggies and spices add a blissful satisfaction while you chew on every bite.
*Sujook – Add a dash of lemon and this meaty sausages taste incredible especially if you have a can of soft drink then this dish will make a perfect lunch.
*Moutabal – Flawless dip of eggplant purée matches ideally well with the hot breads, if you don’t feel tempted to finish it all I would be surprised.
Feeling finally full with these appetizers that we decided to wait a while before we moved on to our dessert which was Muhalabia. This sweet dish main ingredient is milk and me being not a huge fan of dairy products I wasn’t really excited for it until my partner praised it and from then onwards I try to match this dessert to every other Lebanese restaurant I go too.image

Al Mandaloun being a secretly hidden location is a gem find especially if you are tired of going all fancy considering this area has a lot of those restaurants. But to relax and chill out this would be my ideal suggestion to you.image

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