Taste Of Dubai – Dubai Food Festival

Another sensational year of Taste of Dubai passed by us and as always with every passing year this event keeps getting better and better. This time it was more fascinating for me since I had a three day media pass and yes I did make a good use of it. With a excellent line up of Michelin Star Chef and a live DJ playing some foot tapping music all day long this event surely is something not to be missed.image

Food loving individuals were in for a appreciable time since award winning restaurants like Gaucho, Bistro De Arts, Nobu, Tresind, Catch and many more were there serving up some of their finest creations. Not only this you could also catch a glimpse of your favorite Chef’s cooking up a storm and the most captivating thing was you could cook simultaneously with the chef.image

Besides these a number of stalls like Maggi, Choitrams, Gourmet11, Nathas, etc were selling intriguing goodies and products which are so effective for our daily needs. To be honest to experience a wholesome of fun and to catch the entertaining bands, musicians and DJ’s you need to spend a nice amount of time to truly relish this event.image

Thanks Dubai Food Festival and Taste of Dubai for making this a enjoyable weekend for me and like always having a ton of surprise elements which made this event the best one so far.

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