Discover Citywalk – Media Preview

Much awaited Citywalk, the new stop for food, shopping and just for a laid back evening is finally opened to the public. It’s nothing less then extravagant and as you walk down the massive streets you feel you have been teleported to one of the Hollywood streets in Universal Studios.image

If you feel Dubai was all about the Malls you be in for a big surprise because this place is taking shopping, eating and watching the latest releases to a all new level. The good part of this new extension is it has a sun roof in some parts and some parts are completely opened to enjoy the cool breeze especially in this climate, so glad there are options.image

Overlooking this magnificent area is the luxurious apartment which many would love to call thier home since right behind is the stunning Burj Khalifa to catch your attention.image

So that’s all what I had to say about this place which is soon going to be my new place to hangout which I am sure will impress you too and your loved ones.image

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