Apex-Brazil at Gulf Food Festival

Every year I eagerly wait for Gulf Food Festival since I get to explore so many new, local and international food dealers not only from Dubai but from all around the world. It’s a very interesting event which encourages a lot of people from the food industry and the general public who wait enthusiastically every year.image

Yesterday was the first day and if you are planning to pay a visit to this huge event I advise you to do soon since it won’t last long only until the (21 – 25). There are many countries showcasing their product but one which got my attraction was the second largest counter which is Apex-Brazil. They not only depict some high quality meats, chocolates, juices but also various other goods. I got to the special VIP section which has some juicy meats, Shawarmas and drinks and would push you to give it a try since their stuff is fabulous.image

A very intriguing thing I noticed here was all the participating outlets here had their best person there to attend you. Every individual had a smile on their face and they all looked keen to hep you with any queries. I am so glad that I visited this wonderful event and would personally like to thank the Apex-Brazil section for taking good care of me and showing me around on what they had to offer to enhance Dubai’s food world even more.image

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