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Intersect by Lexus – DIFC

Dubai surprises me not in one but many different ways. Until recently I thought Lexus was only known for it’s cars but with the launch of Intersect by Lexus it has set the boundary high and is ready to take over the Food world. I would tag this not only as a dining restaurant but something which has a lot of potential, like a library, a exhibition place and most importantly a healthy eating experience. And don’t miss out the car parked in their lower level catching all your attention.image

The menu not being too complicated was such a relief for me since I don’t have to spend ages deciding on what dishes I need to go for. Our handsome server suggested some of his favorites which we thought were the best here.image

Before we began our order just to give us a hint on the food scene we were given a carrot and labneh cracker. This looked so pretty or should I say a tiny garden on my plate, tasted super good. After this I braced myself up and eagerly waited for the Kale and Avocado Salad and the Roasted Quail.image

Salad was definitely not boring since the Avocado and the Kale added a lot of juicy flavours. The Quail was mellow and cooked at the right temperature which helped to retain the moistness of the dish.image

For the mains I was amazed at seeing the Buckwheat Risotto, a lovely color. Not the classical dish but instead a healthy option which is still moreish. French Picalou Chicken was palatable and so many different colors make it attractive as well among the kids who would savour it. My partner was gaga over his 36hour Short Ribs and especially the crackers or the tendons which had a sharp meaty flavour too.image

By the end we were so happily satisfied by our dinner here that there wasn’t any room for dessert but the staff encouraged us to try their Cheesecake which was brilliant, it had its own essence and charm which makes you want to go for another few bite. I wasn’t really taken back by the Meringue Tart or the Apple Tart not because there weren’t good but since I have had better.image

All the dish presentation was simply wonderful and how I wish I could get such inviting food every time I had a junk food craving.image

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