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Ronda Locatelli – Atlantis

Atlantis is not only one of the highest rated tourists attraction but also is the house of not one but many applaud worthy restaurants. One such place is Ronda Locatelli, I remember back when I was a tourists in Dubai how much this place attracted me just because it had a very fascinating entrance.image

You might be aware that Dubai is popular for it’s Friday Brunches and pretty much all restaurants I know do it so what was new about this one? Well, Ronda Locatelli has a Saturday Brunch but don’t be tamed by hearing the word Brunch since you can enjoy your weekend and their 4 course menu at the comfort of your table. Don’t you think that is way better then standing at the Buffet line or just getting up back and forth to fill your plate.image

Served with some in house bread and a absolutely hot sauce which in my opinion was perfect for a chili lover like me. Service being very quick, we were greeted by some drinks and our first course as well. I hope you have been hungry since looking at the portions and the massive menu is not going to do justice to this place.image

You will be given a choice of 5 starters and they are:-
*Tempura Fritters – A mix of seafood and veggies with which a zest of lemon is hard to resist.
*Burrata – Not the softest cheese I have had but the Eggplant puree with it made up for the loss.
*Mushroom Pizza – Such a tiny size which I would say is perfect when you have so many other options.
*Beef Bressola – Thin slices of Beef were a nice addition to the menu.
*Spinach Salad – A sharp texture of Balsamic Vinegar did all the magic here.image

I would suggest you go slow on the appetizers since next round is Pastas which is again quite filling.
*Beef Araabitta – A classic Italian dish and with an overload of minced beef makes it luscious.
*Eggplant Lasangne – Done so well that I would prefer this over the meat Lasagna any day.
*Spinach Ravioli – Since this dish had Ricotta cheese and not much of the sauce it did feel a bit dry compared to the other pastas.image

These were just the second course so if you were in a misconception that this was the the end of food wait for the last main course.
*Braised Beef – Succulent and soft meat is a delight to be eaten.
*Roasted Chicken – Chicken had become a bit too dry because of which it wasn’t too enjoyable especially as much as the meat.
*Sea Bream – The sauce was utterly delicious and the fish went wonderfully with it.image

And yes with this we did come to an end to our meals but the dessert was yet to be served. My favorite among the many was the rich creamy Tiramisu. Next I would pick the soury Pannacotta considering it had so many flavours. Lastly the crunchy Cannoli filled with Pistachio cream which adds all the more wonderful taste to this tiny but fun sweet.image

So I don’t think I need to say anything more about this Brunch, not only does it offer variety but for 195dhs I would say it is not only affordable but an excellent choice for a Saturday Brunch.

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