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SpiceKlub – A twist in Vegetarian Indian cuisine

Before I say anything about SpiceKlub, let me tell you it’s a franchise from Bombay, and it is finally in Dubai. A modern gastronomical restaurant but the twist here, it serves vegetarian food and ‘no’ you won’t miss the meat at all. The menu is a treasure of some of Mumbai’s best street eats and loved food but served with a little twirl, be it either in presentation or texture.

Began the gastronomical journey with a ‘Papdi Chaat,’ without revealing much, I can say it is light, unique and unusually delicious. Palak Cheese Cigar is another appetizer which is stuffed with oozing chilly cheese and presented with a crunch covering, does make for a good start.

Vegetable Seekh Kebab was my least favorite here as it could be slightly more moist and lush especially when it comes down to flavor but the next dish being the deconstructed ‘Vada Pav’ just made up for the loss. Spectacular to eat, with each ingredient having its charm, I overall adored every bite of the Vada Pav. ‘Naanza‘ being a combination of Pizza and Naan would be a favorite of many, having a creamy spiced filling, it did make a satisfying starter.

Our mains were not less than a feast, having Paneer Makhani which with a rich, tangy gravy went well with the naan, and Malai Kofta was as creamy as it should be, but my suggestion would be to opt for the Vegetable Biryani as it adds a lovely ending to your meal here.

When it comes to Desserts here, try the ‘Paan Mousse‘ and ‘Rabdi Panacotta‘ you will be amazed at the surprise element and would quickly fall in love with SpiceKlub’s creativity which is showcased in most of their dishes.

While I do love indulging in vegetarian food once in a while, this place reminded me that I should have it quite often than just once in a blue moon.

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