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Innovative Indian Cuisine, Carnival By Tresind

Carnival By Tresind has finally opened its door and even though Indian modern cuisine is at its peak it is arguably the most popular cuisine at this time, especially in UAE. If you are under the impression that Tresind and Carnival will be a good choice for comparison, let me tell you that the experience here is like no other.

Chef Himanshu has utilized his creativity and created some of the most elegant and exciting menu and if you too, would like to get an idea of a few of their signature specialties go for the Chef’s Tasting Menu. This list is exclusively curated to make you feel that Carnival by Tresind is one of a few finest Indian restaurants Dubai has.

Focusing on whimsical small portions, you begin with an Avocado and Butter Amuse Bouchée (Makhan Phal) which with its light flavours disappears in your mouth, would say it’s a ‘marmite’ dish. As Halloween is just around the corner, Happy Halloween is their next dish. A little mini Kulcha stuffed with a pumpkin mix, stands out for me.

As we keep approaching towards the real deal, the Chef keeps us on the edge of our seat and here we are served with our third course “Life is short, eat desserts first.” Somebody said that quote right but Carnival by Tresind made it literal and here comes a savoury Jalebi dish which with its unexpected textures makes it incredibly unique. Right after this, we are served another startling dish, Dal Cappuccino. You heard it, a fresh take on how you serve your usual Dal with an essence of Truffle accompanied with a Cumin Phulka, genius.

Following the Dal, Cappuccino was Pullinji, an Asian inspired Prawn dish which with its strong sweet, spicy and sour flavours made it into my list of favorite starters. Next was another remarkable live act where one of the Chefs cleverly dressed in a mechanic man costume opened his tool box and prepared for us a classic Indian version of Vada Pav, reminded me of my school days.

Before our much-awaited mains made an appearance, there was one more starter to go. Meatalicious, a Lamb dish served with Dosa Bhaji, doesn’t it sounds strange? As odd as it may seem this dish went perfectly well with the different textures, fabulous work by the chef.

Now it was time to see if the mains as well live up to the expectations!. Before us is an Airline Meal, consisting of a tray replicating an Economy class meal box but in regards to the taste this was the best airline meal I have ever had. Karta Farta, Fish, cooked in a traditional South Indian flavoured curry and filling the air with its aroma, Goes best with rice. Lastly Nandu Curry, a massive meaty Crab curry with a coconut textured gravy which shall be a favorite of many due to its dense and intense flavours.

Like any other rule, no meal is completely satisfying without a good Dessert. The Chef presented us with Sago Pudding and a Fruit Chatt, without spoiling much of the surprise I have to say both of the treats were visually appealing and innovative.

With this Carnival by Tresind, with each dish shatters the notions of how many of us think of Indian food and dining, It takes this cuisine to another adventurous level.

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