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3in1 – Vida Downtown

When you are fasting and especially if it is the first day of Ramadan all you can think about is what you are going to have for Iftari. For me I was at easy today because I knew I was going to be feasting myself in Vida Downtown’s, 3in1 Restaurant. I was invited here to try the Ramadan menu by the kind lady Alessandra. This beautiful restaurant located in the heart of downtown Dubai has a very romantic charm to it. The interiors remind of some Greek restaurant partially because of its white color theme and also for the fact that there is a cool cabbana and pool located right in front of this gorgeous place.

I was always impressed by this small but pretty hotel mostly because the way everything is done especially the layout. There is a lot of attention to detail which I love about this place.

3in1 is a vibrant restaurant located in the ground level of this hotel. The concept is so unique and different from most of the restaurants I have been too. I would say it is good to go with someone you love since the atmosphere this place gives out is very loving. It has 3 huge sections which serves starters, salads and desserts. I know you might be thinking where is the main course but that’s what makes this place stand out from the rest. Everything else is served in a buffet style apart from the main course which is served on your table. Oh did I mention when the main course is served all the lights are dimmed and the only light which is making your food glitter is the light from the Arabic lanterns, I know it is very romantic.

The food served here especially keeping in mind the occasion of Ramadan is mostly Arabic and if you are a true lover of emirati cuisine this place will definitely leave a mark on your heart with its dishes. We began our culinary journey by something light and what better then a soup. I had the Harrisa Soup and hubby opted for the Lentil Soup. I was very happy with my soup since with a dash of lemon it tasted superb and healthy too but my husband wasn’t too satisfied with the Lentil soup purely because it hardly had any taste and came across as bland.

Next we tried were the varieties of appetizers and salads. I completely adored the food from the live section since everything was served right from the oven, piping hot. Few things which I enjoyed was the Cheese Manakish and Spinach Fatayer. Imagine hot cheese oozing out from the utterly golden brown bread, wow it was lovely. Spinach fatayer was enjoyable too. Apart from this the dips also were outstanding especially the hummus but I wish the bread were kept warm since it was so difficult to have anything with hard bread.

Another thing which deserves a mention is the beverages, they are kept in this ice covered table in cute little milk bottles. I had the Green Apple juice and Jallab both which were refreshing and something which you just need to quench your thirst. The massive dry fruit table is decorated beautifully too.

After a good 15 min wait we were served with the huge portions of main course on our table. They are steaming hot and look delectable. The main course menu is pre-set and served on your table.
Lamb Oozi – A very traditional dish which is generally served during this auspicious month. The Lamb was perfectly cooked but the rice lacked those strong flavours which are mostly present in this dish.
Mixed Grill – I am very particular about my chicken especially if it doesn’t has those juicy succulent taste but here the pieces were huge juicy and cooked really well.
Chicken in Mulukiyah Gravy – This dish was different but not amazingly great, more like a soup. I am not a big fan of it since I find it too bitter so yes this dish failed to woe me but hey everyone has contrasting palates.
Daud Pasha – This dish could be easily termed as comforting food, cooked in vegetables broth and herbs it infuses genuine flavours which can be easily tasted in every bite.

A heaven for dessert lovers with all the varieties of Arabic sweets which were made to perfection. You need to try the Date Pudding and Umm Ali here absolutely divine. I can easily say the taste were fabulous and also because everything was kept warm which made it even more special to have. Apart from this they even had few international desserts like Jalebi, Pedas and cakes. The chocolate mousse though was creamy but could be more sweeter I thought.

We were looked after really well and the service was swift too. I am sure this made my first Iftar experience very wonderful and I am sure I cherish it for a while.

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