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Need any inspiration for Art? This Restaurant could be the answer, Plantation – Sofitel JBR

Quite literally saying that this European¬†lunch at Plantation was different would be pretty typical of me but let me explain and justify my point. All across the restaurant are laid these outstanding piece of Art and what makes it interesting is the shadow they let out portraying something entirely different from its original form. So if you are here for a business lunch or even a gathering, these artifacts will grab your attention and be your talking point. If that hasn’t caught your attention soak in some sun at their pool next door and later on brim yourself up with some food.

Menu being extensive you might want to start with something light so opt for the Goat Cheese Salad and Carpaccio which will gently prepare you for the anticipated mains. Getting ahead with our mains the well cooked Lamb Shank was good, but the dish overall was somewhat mediocre. Potato Gnocchi, on the other hand, was divine, the pasta being delicately soft and simmered in an exciting marinara sauce would be a reason you come back here again.

If you want to know an exciting way to brighten your day without fail, try their Signature Praline and Three flavoured Crepe. This Praline doesn’t need any occasion or celebration to be savoured on since it is utterly sinful. The Crepe comes in three flavours and my absolute favorite being the chocolate one made me extremely nostalgic thinking about the good old days where my mum happily fed me this each weekend.

So whether you are going for a nice subtle meal or just to enjoy the art one think is definite that you will walk away from this restaurant feeling happy.

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