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Jamaican restaurant with an Asian Twist – Ting Irie, Downtown Dubai

Be it a date night, family gathering or just another catch up with your friends Ting Irie will surprise you with it’s relaxed, comforting food, atmosphere and most importantly you won’t regret coming to this little hidden gem secretly located in Souq Manzil Downtown. Overwhelmed by the first impression, I am bound to feel that I was in for a happy time.

Enough said about the space and coming back to the main highlight being the food saying that it is good will be an understatement. The menu features some iconic dishes and would tempt you to order a few before you fill up your appetite with the best Jamaican bestsellers.

Don’t shy away from ordering another round of their Oxtail buns or Lobster rolls since these are the stars of the menu. The filling does make it look overload, but one bite and you realize you need it. Oxtail Nachos is probably the dish you can expect only at Ting Irie, no other place in UAE does it, and I am happy about it since I have another reason to come back. Beef Patties, on the other hand, could be more lean and meatier, but flavours were still very much intense.

Progressing towards the mains we were delighted with Chicken Jerk Fried Rice which was not only beautiful in textures but the presentation as well was marvellous and serving it in a pineapple shell made it slightly more attractive.  Lamb Chops and Jerk Chicken would be an ideal choice for the mains especially if you like to try some mean meaty dishes. Besides these look out for their incredible desserts and don’t miss out on the Funnel Cake which is a combination of sweet, savory and a lot of crunch.

Ting Irie just isn’t a restaurant it’s a place for happy people to enjoy themselves over food with good company.

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