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Amal – Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa

Indian food is a very intregal part of my life. As a child I have bought up having this cuisine as a daily stable diet and I am very grateful to my mother who made me develop a fond passion and love for Indian food. This amour made me come up with a new goal which is to try the finest Indian restaurants in Dubai and to achieve my aim this week I found myself at Amal in Armani hotel.image

Armani Hotel has a epic location, situated in the The Burj Khalifa, nobody can deny that Aramani brand has a prestigious spot to attract not only the tourists but also locals like myself. Coming back to Amal, back to back three consecutive Times Out Awards and making a place in people’s heart which temps them to keep coming back for more is something which every restaurants aims for.image

Comprising of an extensive menu with over 70+ dishes to try is merely a challenge for me. So to make it easier on my tummy we decided to opt for the Tasting menu instead. Chef Ashwani, kindly asked us on our preferences and prepared the dishes with some of our favorites.image

The first course was a sublime platter filled with 4 different grilled meats. Well coated marination with a soft crunch to each dish was blissful. To add more flavors to our tastebuds we were served with a mix of Indian curries like and my love for Biryani was pretty evident which is why a aromatic bowl was kept right in front of me. All the gravies like Dal Makhani, Mutton and Chicken Curry had a smooth consistency and the rightful amount of herbs which made each dish brilliant.image

Knowning my undying love for Chocolate Spheres the Chef opted for me to try this rather then the usual Indian sweets. And with the dramatic first bite I was head over heels with this dessert. The presentation was fascinating and taste chocolaty enough to make you tempt more. Second dessert was a Coconut sphere filled with unique textures and the passion fruit tapioca balls were such a pleasurable burst of flavours.image

So glad that I found one flawless Indian restaurant which is not only good for the food but also known for the scenic view which is unbeatable. Thanks Armani Hotel for the marvelous experience.image

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