Raffles at Wafi – Living up King Size!

Before I head out for a staycation, I am always a bit agitated thinking about the little things which I must have forgotten to pack, but once my check in is done, I am at ease. This week I was home away from home in the one, and the only pyramid shaped hotel in Dubai, Raffles. As you enter this grand piece of elegance you know, you are in for an excellent start to the holiday.

For the check-in, we had to wait a while before we got a room since for the Easter break and Dubai World Cup the hotel was completely packed. As I finally got my King Signature room, my jaws fell looking at the Palacios space and the exquisite interiors. Raffles has got me all covered from the lovely fruit platter to a coffee machine and lastly the elegant bathroom with a waterfall tub which was so lovely to soak in.

As I jumped in my bed at my fingertips, I had everything, with the help of an IPad all the room switches were in my control and for my guests to feel at comfort a mega sofa and to impress them a mini bar filled with goodies. If you feel this was alluring move onto to the appealing balcony, you could either get a nice tan or sit back and ponder on the thoughts of life.

Just as I was getting over my happiness with this room, I head onto my Easter Brunch at the Garden restaurant.

Next morning all excited I made a good use of my charismatic bathroom and finally made my way to the spa. Raffles Spas offers a wide range of treatments depending on your need; I went for the Signature Enrich Spa which calmed my tired muscles and helped me de-stressed. Moving over to my Breakfast, I wish I had space in my tiny tummy to indulge in all the wholesome goodness this restaurant offers but needless I still got the smile on my face seeing my partner happily enjoying his king size breakfast.

Before I regret not having a good look at the hotel after that irresistible breakfast, I made a decent use of the gym. Even though it was just for a while, I still managed a small workout session. While I was sweating it out in the gym, my husband had an enjoyable swim in the pool, jealous me.

So my staycation came to an end, but I am still glad that Raffles had me over and gave me the opportunity to live it up in their sanctuary. Until next time, I am leaving with a smile and some memories to look back at. Thanks Raffles for an amazing stay.




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