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Brightening up my Diwali Dinner at Nina – One and Only Royal Mirage

Specializing in modern North Indian cuisine, Nina restaurant in One and Only Royal Mirage is my new favorite obsession for some splendid Indian food offering. On my recent discovery about this new hidden gem, I wasn’t sure if this restaurant could cater to genuine Indian crowd as many times most restaurants cater the dishes to suit the most European crowd.

This auspicious occasion of Diwali was just the right time to head here and savor the carefully crafted menu by the great MasterChef India winner Shipra Khanna. Being a cookbook author and a celebrity chef Shipra made sure each and every course of tonight’s dinner would be as grand as this Festival of Lights, Diwali is known to be.The menu begins with an Amuse Bouche; Compressed watermelon is strategically paired with flavors of Ginger and Lime which adds to a nice beginning. Excelling in the next course, we are served a delicate Mushroom Kebab along with a Smoked Chicken Tandoori garnished with potato crisps. It sounded lovely but pegged with deep, intense flavors, wish I could have this dish whenever I crave for some true Indian snacks or appetizers. Prawn Cocktail with Lemon Foam is another tangy dish, a very original creation.

Even though the mains did take a while, it was surely worth the wait:-

  • Tandoori Chicken Supreme: – Fragrant Chicken with a subtle spiced gravy was fantastic. Accompanied with hot ‘naan’ or rice it would be a perfect combo.
  •  Dum Aloo: – A rich warmly gravy and a well marinated ‘Aloo’ does all the magic here. Even though I don’t mostly prefer potato curries, this one was a fine addition.
  •  Fried Meat: – This particular dish reminded me of my Mom’s homemade Lamb Curry. With a nice blend of spices and a flavourful meat, this one here would be enjoyed by many.
  •  Vegetable Biryani: – The lightly tossed rice in a sautéed vegetables mostly replicated ‘Pulao,’ another simple rice dish. Have it with the Mint Raita for more texture.

Our final course was not completely Indian, but it did have elements and light Indian spices if I have to justify. Carrot Cake with Mascarpone and Berry Compote made a blissful ending to my mesmerizing Diwali night.

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