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Best Dishes to try at Chourangi, London

Since covid restrictions have ended people are going all out and about and enjoying new restaurants, taking holidays and just appreciating being outdoors. For me, the little joy is in trying new dine in places and London surely has no limitations on that.

Recently I tried Chourangi at Marble Arch, this fancy Indian restaurant is busy with tourists and locals waiting to dine here, and I was no exception. I have been seeing a lot of videos of bloggers recommending this place and I had to try it out myself and well enough it wasn’t disappointing. I would love to go back and try more of their food but if it’s your first time here do try some of their signature dishes. My five best dishes here were:-

Lotus Stem Sweet Potato Chat – This crispy tangy dish was probably one of my favourites, and I would love to have it again. It’s the perfect balance between sweet and sour, we wiped this dish pretty quickly and it’s not too heavy either.

Lamb Biryani – Whenever I go to a restaurant, I make sure to try their Biryani, and here at Chourangi they don’t take their Biryani lightly, it’s full of flavours, juicy lamb pieces, and quite delicious. With a side of raita, this dish goes perfectly well, a must-try here.

Lal Murgh Kebab – A tantalising chicken starter, tender pieces of chicken marinated in subtle yet flavourful spices making this a standout dish. Do try this as an appetiser!

Steamed Seabass Paturi – Wrapped in banana leaf, this dish has so much texture and depth, it seems simple but the ingredients used here make the dish quite lip-smacking!

Baked Sondesh Tart – This has to be one of the classic Kolkata desserts but here at chourangi, it’s served in a unique way, making it beautiful and delicious.

Highly recommend this restaurant, you will love the food here and would surely go back for more.

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