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High Tea with a lot of grace and elegance, Mosaico Lounge – Palazzo Versace

Plenty is pretty but only quite a few offer something distinctive; this is what I experienced at Palazzo Versace High Tea at their extraordinary Mosaico lounge. This hotel apart from being an excellent example of spectacular architecture it also showcases elegance and most importantly style and fashion which is evident in their classy interiors. To be here for their glitz and glam afternoon, High Tea Affair has been on my list for a while, so I am glad it has finally been ticked off.

Offering quite a few different variations of High Tea you can choose from the most alluring to the simplest stands which still shall fascinate you with its dishes and soothing beverages.

Being with a plus one is always a good choice as here I got to try their Traditional and Classic selection filled with tempting canapés.

*Traditional High Tea – Delicately prepared sandwiches, Soy Bean Hummus and Air Dry Beef are a few of the savory options to enjoy apart from the fluffy Date, Cinnamon, and Pistachio Scones. Don’t forget the impressive Cakes and Rolls which are well paired with the theme.

*Classic Afternoon Tea – Before you plunder on the top notch sandwiches try their fresh Juices or comforting teas and slowly indulged in the assorted sandwiches which are satisfyingly fulfilling. Just like the Traditional stand this one as well comes with a few heavenly homemade Jams and scones which will fill you to the brim. If this hasn’t yet made you content, the desserts will surely do the job.

With this pleasant experience, Palazzo Versace has again succeeded in serving things with grace, elegance and a lot of love. Starting at 240dhs, this place should be considered by most High Tea lovers.


For more information visit:- OR Call +97145568850

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