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3in1 – Dinner under the stars, Vida Downtown

Back for dinner at 3in1 in Vida Downtown which is my new found love for lunch or dinner or for a stay. At night the restaurant has a disco theme with purple lighting and music which is good to groove, an outdoor lounge experience in the center of Downtown. This dinner under the stars and by the Cabbana is magical and good enough to make the end of this night rememberable.

With my Passionfruit mock tail and a rose sheesha in the other hand there was nothing more I could ask to make this night close to perfect. After the Picnic brunch I wasn’t that hungry for food so the dishes I ordered were kept light but still keeping it classy. Cheese Rokkakat (Spring roll) and Patata Harra being my ideal choice were a good way to satisfy my temptations for food which is delicious yet not to heavy.

Being a lover of Italian cuisines seeing a few pasta dishes did make my stomach growl so I ordered for myself a Alfredo Pasta which was moist, creamy and the hints of mushroom in it is a classic way to complete my Italian meal. My husband at the other hand decided to opt for a Chicken Machbos, a rice dish cooked with peppers, onion and enjoyed with a cool yougurt, beautiful to look and flavorsome to have.

Chocolate Extravaganza to calm my sweet craving was not only Chocolaty but rich and sinful. With this pampering and being spoilt rotten for almost every little thing is how I had expected my dinner to end here, absolutely mesmerizing.

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