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A romantic eatery, Thiptara – The Palace Downtown

Sometimes when I am tired having continental food, I try my best to go back to the regional specialties especially Asian food which I am brought up having. Dishes which consist of numerous colorful ingredients at the same time having a good amount of nutritional value reminds me a lot of Indian as well as Thai food. The Palace Downtown in my favor has a restaurant which keeps the diners impressed with the view at the same time has aromatic food which will linger on their pallets for days to come. If you still haven’t guessed the restaurant, it is ‘Thiptara.’

The rightly derived name Thiptara means ‘Magic at the Water’ and having the gushing dancing fountains right in front of you makes this restaurant extremely romantic. Their menu like most Thai restaurants has oodles of options but try the signature dishes or a set menu which lets you know how creative the Chefs are at this very restaurant.

Going by my obvious pick of ‘Papaya Salad’ I was in for a luscious burst of flavors from the moist papaya and the juicy tomatoes. To make my troubles a little easy our server ‘Ha Thi’ suggested us the Thiptara Baan Haou which were a selection of the bestselling appetizers here. From the varied dishes, my favorite was the Dumplings, don’t miss it.

Green Curry with a side a Burnt Garlic Fried Rice is a magical combination, you can’t get enough of it. A creamy based curry with a subtle hint of spice has all the Thai flavors you are looking for. Another attractive dish was the Crispy Fried Sea Bass in a sweet and sour sauce; it was one of the few dishes which I wish I could cook at home.

Don’t go home without trying their version of the famous water chestnut dessert ‘Thab Thim Grob’ it is served with an appealing coconut ice cream, and each bite is as wonderful as the first one. If you adore Bananas, make sure you end your meal with some fried bananas stuffed with a rich ice-cream which is drizzled with honey.

It would be quite unfair, to sum up, my first visit in a few words as their menu is massive and going back a couple more times would do the right justice which this place wholeheartedly deserves.

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