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Does Scalini live upto it’s London legacy?

Scalini in London has its league of customers who love to try their overwhelming yet straightforward dishes, for me too, that was the case. I visited Scalini in Chelsea (London), with a bunch of my colleagues who have a fair share of favourite dishes due to which we ended up going here more than often but who can complain when the comforting pasta and aromatic appetisers satisfy your cravings so magnificently well.

Take a lift down the alley from the Four Season’s restaurant village and there you are fascinated by the charming courtyard with trees perched next to the table and seeing people merely enjoying their time here makes you feel happy to be here.

Such a warm welcome and the staff overjoyed to guide you through their menu will surely leave you feeling loved. Going by my server’s suggestions, we try their creamy Burrata, Scalini Salad and one of the most luscious Prawn pastry dish simmered in a smooth buttery sauce. Each dish had an enriching flavour which makes it remarkable.

Our mains were a feast of Veal, Chicken and Lobster Spaghetti. All the different meats and dishes make a rememberable mark on your palette but my favourite here was the Lobster Spaghetti, its a straightforward dish but each bite is blissful.

The best part of the meal was their Tiramisu, comes in a generous side and can be easily devoured by two people. If you have a liking for coffee, you will appreciate this dessert a bit more.

With that, I can assure you that Scalini is one of those unpretentious Italian restaurants in Dubai which impress you with their food more than anything else.





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