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Shang Palace, Shangri – A signature restaurant

Shang Palace is Shangri-La hotels trademark restaurant which can be found in all of the brands worldwide chains. Consisting of a traditional decor and cuisine which is as authentic as it can get you won’t be disappointed if you plan your meal here. A mix of Cantonese and Chinese cuisine is pretty evident on their menu, an extensive selection of dishes won’t disappoint you either.

With our high anticipation, we began our night by ordering a classic portion of their mix Dumplings; it was filling and extremely satisfying. Another few of my recommendations for appetisers would be Crispy Mango Prawns and Chicken Sesame Toast, both the dishes are cooked to perfection making the flavours rich and intense.

If you are here, make sure to savour their Fried Rice, it’s a simple dish but goes well with most of the curries including their signature Duck and Barbeque Beef. The presentation, as well as the quality of the dishes, are of the best supreme standard which makes your meal even more remarkable.

Their Coconut and Star Anise Pannacotta is a lovely dessert which shall end your meal on an extremely joyous note giving you tonnes of reasons to come back soon to Shang Palace.

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